Carter Gronseth Avera McKennan Emergency Dept.

Carter Gronseth is a Registered Nurse at Avera McKennan Emergency Department. A day in the Emergency Department comes with unforeseen challenges and helping those in their most vulnerable state. The ability to show compassion and empathy to those on some of their worst days is what Carter loves most about her job. In this role, she has frequently found herself advocating for her patients' mental health needs and has often discovered the disconnect that exists between patient needs and the education and resources that are available to them. 

Carter is passionate about serving others and this is evident in the ways she spends her free time. She serves on multiple hospital committees that focus on improving patient satisfaction, while also supporting the workplace environment. Education and mentoring have long been important to Carter, therefore she also serves as a Clinical Instructor for the Augustana Nursing Program. 

Carter's excitement for running was sparked in high school and has continued to evolve over the years. During college, she started working at 605 Running Company. The running community of Sioux Falls keeps Carter moving and engaged with other members.  Carter runs not only for her physical health, but also as a stress reliever and to keep herself in check on hard days. During her free time, Carter can be found running or biking along the bike trails and spending time with those she loves most.

"The 437 Project is the perfect way to give back to my community and the many people I have cared for in my work through one of my greatest passions, running. I look forward to raising awareness and creating more resources for all people with mental health concerns in South Dakota".

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