Micah Aberson Mammoth Sports Construction

Micah Aberson is joining the team of 12 runners for his first year of The 437 Project. Growing up as a golfer, Micah always noticed the cross-country runners invading the golf course and wondered how or why someone thought that running long distances seemed like a good idea. While studying in Stellenbosch, South Africa in his early college years, Micah fell in love with running as a unique way to explore and think. People will often say they need to "sleep on it", but Micah has come to find the value in "running on it". Whether to plan for an upcoming meeting or presentation, unpack a complex business problem, or daydream about a vacation or a great memory, "running on it" has become a prerequisite for most decisions of any significance.

Over the years, Micah has also found joy in running with others and using the experience as a means of deep personal connection. Specifically, Micah has completed the Twin Cities and New York City Marathons, both with at least one of his two brothers at his side, as well as dozens of half marathons, always running with friends and family.

By day, Micah has enjoyed contributing to the business community in Sioux Falls as a partner at Lawrence & Schiller, an executive at Sanford Health, and now as the President of Mammoth Sports Construction.

Cheering for him along the 437 mile route you will find Micah's wife, Jaclyn, and their two young daughters, Sutton and Andie, while Micah will no doubt be daydreaming of the day his daughters join him for long weekend runs.

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