Thank you for your interest in supporting the first-ever Firefighters Unite against Cancer (FU Cancer) event and joining the fight against the cancer epidemic that continues to ravage our profession. 

As you may be aware, cancer attacks fire fighters at a rate significantly higher than the general population. Each and every day, the list of firefighters battling cancer and who die at the hands of this disease grows even longer. 

Why is this happening? Years ago, American homes and businesses were filled with things made from traditional materials like wood. Today, our homes, businesses, furnishings and equipment are constructed from synthetics and inorganic materials that contain any number of carcinogens. Now, when fire fighters enter a burning structure, we face toxic fumes and airborne poisons. Couple this exposure with the other hazards of our profession - lack of sleep, 56-hour work weeks, post-traumatic stress disorder plus a variety of other illnesses and a career as a fire fighter creates a perfect storm of cancer exposure. 

The 493 Firefighter Foundation, previously known as "United Phoenix Firefighters Charities," helps firefighters in a comprehensive way when cancer strikes. We provide financial assistance through our Cancer Fund to help with co­pays, out-of-network healthcare, and incredibly expensive medications. Given that no one is ever prepared for cancer, we educate our firefighters through our Member Benefits program on their options for prevention and treatment. Our Member Services program exists to fill the gaps experienced by firefighters diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones, who inevitably must to adjust to significant life changes in the wake of cancer.

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