Elaine Madonna


"I began my career as an elementary school teacher. I had four children of my own and am now the proud grandmother of eight".

Dancing is my hobby and passion. I started dancing for fun as a child. I loved to dance "rock 'n' roll" as a teenager. One day, I tried the waltz and wanted to learn it. I found Fred Astaire Studios and have been a student for over 15 years. I love it and often encourage others to give it a try! I believe dance is a healthy option to a social sport. I've met wonderful people and have had lots of fun.

"I have always been attracted to organizations and causes that help the lives of children and those in need of extra assistance. I'm excited to support Abilis and be a part of this fun event!"


Elaine is paired with Fred Astaire Professional Clemens


Clemens began dancing in Linz, Austria at the age of 15. After completing all of his examinations in dance school, he began competing in major dance competitions throughout Europe including the Austrian Open, German Open, Italian Open, Copenhagen Open, Czech Republic Open, and Blackpool.

He was recruited by the studio in 1998 and became the owner with his wife in 2001. During his time with Fred Astaire, he has won numerous New England regional championships as well as top teacher awards. Clemens has a degree in fashion and design from HBLA in Linz, Austria.

He works hard not only on the dance floor with his students, but also designing and making custom dresses for the studios competitive students, which he does in his free time.

Elaine Madonna