Dr. Jennifer Werely


I am a neurologist, practicing in Greenwich CT. I joined the Board of Abilis this year. I have never danced in my life, aside from at a wedding here or there. I am grateful for the opportunity to show my 3 boys that even I can learn something new, completely out of my comfort zone. I enjoy live music, skiing and hopefully will enjoy dancing after this experience and get some rhythm into my soul!


Dr. Werely is paired with Fred Astaire Professional Elmar


Elmar began ballroom dancing in Germany at the age of 7, and through the years successfully competed in many Regional, National and International competitions. Upon completion of the extensive German training to become a certified dance instructor, he was immediately offered a position as Assistant Manager and Dance Instructor at one of the largest German dancing schools in Munich, Germany.

In January 2007, Elmar joined Fred Astaire Dance Studios as an owner and Director of the Brookfield, CT location and with the success of that studio He and his wife opened a second studio in Greenwich where he continues to pursue his passion for dancing. Under his direction and instruction, the Greenwich Fred Astaire Dance Studio's students and certified instructors have won top placements in competitions and enjoy the magic of dance.

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