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Randy Rozema

  • Rental Man- Party Plus Rentals owner for 38 years
  • Adventure Seeker- Bali, Canada, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Egypt, England, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Tahiti, Mentone
  • Never Met a Stranger- some strange but all friendly
  • Dedicated- married to Barb for 47 years
  • Yes, Always up for a Challenge- learning the tango


Accomplishments are many. But guess which one isn't true...

Bus driver, bartender, masseuse, entrepreneur, skipper, husband, sailor, Uber driver, skydiver, Indy car driver, scuba diver, mime, developer, friend, whale whisperer, juggler, Boy Scout, musician, wrestler, realtor, bee keeper, Burning Man enthusiast, Evangelist, hydroponics specialist, chicken farmer, 4H member, mechanic, cook, plumber, balloon specialist, photographer, surfer, sky diver, father, standup comedian, arborist, magician, real estate developer, inventor, book club enthusiast, farm boy, professional dancer


As you can see, Randy may be the second "most interesting man in the world." The first, of course, is David Maupin!


Randy has always been a student of Life. And in this Season of Life being so called "retirement years," he has even more adventures and accomplishments to achieve. And becoming a professional dancer is one of please VOTE RANDY as the next "Dancing with the Stars" dancer. Thank you for your continued support of our Redlands Symphony Orchestra.


A Time for Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:4....a time to laugh...and a time to Dance.