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How do I write a biography on me, a wife, homemaker and mom. I was
born in Danville, Illinois. I was number six of seven children. My dad
encouraged us kids to participate in sports, we did swim team and
track meets every summer. There were no girls sports for us in High
School so I became a cheerleader. I met my husband, Matt Jordan and
started dating in High School. We got married and both attended the
University of Illinois. After college we moved to Costa Mesa, California
and our careers truly began. Matt as a CPA and me as a wife and
mother and volunteer. In 1986 we moved to Redlands with our four
boys. We joined the Redlands Country Club and I became the nine hole
chairman as well as the Social Chairman for 5 years. AS our boys grew
older I had more time for charity work. I served on the YWCA board,
ran the Y Thrift Store and ran the Home Tour twice. Later, when the
YWCA was absorbed by the YMCA I joined YMCA board. I have been
active with the Purse Party Fundraiser and hosted it on 3 occasions.
Once again, I'm Chairman or as I like to call it the CEO of Nine Hole Golf.
This past year Matt and I celebrated 50 years of marriage. I've been so
blessed to have a wonderful husband, four incredible boys and nine
amazing grandchildren. Lucky me, in Redlands.