Golf Scramble Rules Breakdown

Teams are selected with 2+ members.
All team members tee off on every hole.
Team members must select the most desirable shot and all team members hit their following shot from this ball position. This repeats on every shot until the hole is finished.
Team members must hit all shots from within one club length of the selected shot.
Once on the green, the selected shot must be marked (ideally with a tee) before any putt is taken.
All putts must be made from within 1 putter head length of the marked location.
Players may not use the club or putter head length to move closer to the hole.
Players moving their ball to the selected shot may place their ball for the best lie, however, they may not move the ball to improve the type of lie they have (cannot move the ball out of a hazard, out of the rough, or onto the green).
The player whose ball is selected may not improve their lie.
The score is recorded as if the team is a single player.

Each team can use a maximum of 4 mulligans for the round.