$10,000 Goal


Total Raised


Thanks to your generous donations, we surpassed our goal of raising $10,000 during the month of December 2022. Your contributions earned a dollar-for-dollar match from the Dorothy Inbusch Foundation in support of the Center's Raptor Education Program.

Creating Unique Experiences

Schlitz Audubon's dynamic Raptor Education Program offers adults and children unique opportunities to learn about the natural world with the aid of live animal educators. The most comprehensive raptor program in all of Southeastern Wisconsin, our 15 birds of prey serve as interactive educators, providing unique, up-close learning experiences at the Center, throughout the community, and through virtual programming.

Your Dollars at Work

$50 - Feeds a Screech Owl for 1 month

$100 - Feeds a Red-tailed Hawk for 1 month

$250 - Provides annual veterinary wellness exams for 1 bird

$500 - Maintains our "Mosquito Magnets," special screens that reduce the risk of West Nile Virus, for 1 year

$1,000 - Covers the raptor team's travel costs for 1 year

$2,500 - Feeds our Bald Eagles for 1 year


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