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Utah's Hogle Zoo is very excited to share an opportunity to name our brand new baby zebra born July 23, 2022!

Proud Hartmann's mountain zebra parents, Poppy and Scooby, welcomed their fun-loving baby zebra, which is also called a foal, over Pioneer Day weekend. The male zebra foal was born in 15 minutes! We were proud to watch him take his first steps, and successfully latch within his first hour in this world. His mom, Poppy, has been a kind and caring mother encouraging him to nurse, walk, and showing him what it's like to be a zebra here at Utah's Hogle Zoo.  

 Click here to watch the birth of Utah's Hogle Zoo's new zebra!

Register and bid to win the chance to name our little one before it closes Friday, August 5, 2022 at 8:00 PM! The winning bid will name the zebra, have early zoo access to meet the foal, and breakfast for four on Twiga Terrace in the African Savanna. 


Hartmann's mountain zebras are currently listed as vulnerable with less than 9,000 individuals left in the wild. All proceeds go to care for our seven zebras. 

The zoo's average cost for feeding just ONE Hartmann's mountain zebra for a year is around $2,000. This does not include the cost of additional care such as enrichment, veterinary care, and housing modifications.   


Don't want to participate in the naming auction? Your cash donations to care for our entire zebra family are welcome by selecting your desired amount below. Thank you!

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Questions? Contact Mabel Flores, Development Coordinator, at or call/text (209) 704-1868

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