Our New Event Logo!

This logo was created so that any event announcements are easily recognizable so you don't miss any important details.  The colors are those of Ascend Justice but the logo itself contains so much meaning that we are excited to tell you about!

The logo for our annual Celebration of Courage event is of a lotus flower with a single flame extending out of its center. 

The lotus flower as a symbol varies from culture to culture but all are symbols that speak to the mission of Ascend Justice. The lotus plant begins as a seed which settles into the soil at the bottom of a river or warm pond.  Through the ugly, murky water, the new shoot reaches up to the light with its leaves floating on the water's surface and the beautiful flower rising above. Each night, the lotus submerges back into the river water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning - clean and pure. A traditional saying states that the muddier and cloudier the water is to start with, the more beautiful the Lotus flower is when it develops. There's something we can all learn from a flawless flower that grows unscathed despite its surroundings-a metaphor that's inspired people for centuries. Because of this unique life-cycle, the lotus flower is a symbol of strength, resilience, and rebirth. These are symbols that Ascend Justice clients reflect in their own inner strength and resilience.

The flame found in the center of the lotus flower reiterates the symbolism of strength and resilience as will and determination, and reflects rebirth as a form of renewal and transformation.  Since the flame is both a part of the flower but is also an extension of the flower, as is indicated by the stark contrast of color, the flame on its own symbolizes an individual's personal drive, knowledge, intention, and desire.  Moreover, fire also represents purification originating from the concept that fire eradicates impurities from metals, refining them into treasured items. The fire that burns inside of survivors of gender-based violence and families impacted by the child welfare system to transform their lives reflects the well-known story from Greek mythology of the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

This beautiful logo was designed by Danah Bialoruski. A design enthusiast and Chicago local, Danah is passionate about improving the lives of people in urban centers through community engagement, education, and urban planning.