Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with any questions about the Denver Chalk Art Festival Auction?
Contact CherryArts -- Email: [email protected], or Call: 303-355-2787. Please leave a message, your call will be returned shortly.

Are all items up for auction?

How do I place a bid?
First, you will need to register. Once registered, click on the item you would like to bid on. The system will ask for your name and phone number so you can have the option to receive text notifications if outbid, or if you win. It will also ask for your email. You can then place your bid. There are bid increments for auction items and the system will let you know what that amount is. To be the leading bidder you must enter the minimum amount or higher. You do not need to enter an amount using decimals.
You will not be charged right away after you win an item, we will determine shipping fees (if needed) and determine salestax and confirm your address, and then we will process your payment.

Single bid vs autobid?
A single bid can be placed as a one-time bid for any amount. An autobid can be placed and set at the maximum amount you are willing to spend. With auto-bid, the system will place your bid at the minimum amount needed to lead. When you are outbid, the system will bid automatically for you until your maximum is reached.
Autobid is only available for auction pieces that do not have a "buy now" option. If an auction piece has a "buy now" option you can not place an autobid.

How can I view my bid? How are bids being displayed?
Your name and bid amount will appear under "item history" when you are logged in and bidding. Others will be unable to see your name. It will appear as "anonymous," just as other bidders appear to you.

How to request a bid retraction?
Simply email or call and we can delete a bid. Email: [email protected] or Call: 303-355-2787. Please leave a message, your call will be returned shortly.

Who wins?

When two bids are placed for the same amount, the bid placed first (based on the timestamp) wins. Timestamps are set when the initial bid is placed. For autobids, this is when a maximum was set -- not when the system prompted the bid to win.

Why are there bids with the same amount?
A list of competing bids of the same amount indicates what prompted an autobid to be placed. The autobid placed first wins.
For Example, Item 100 has a current amount of $100 and a bid increment of $50. John placed an autobid at 7:00pm with a maximum amount of $200. John is winning at $150. Jill placed a bid for $200 at 7:30pm. John's bid is increased to $200 by our system. John wins because he committed to the amount earlier than Jill. The list shows both John and Jill at $200.

What is a watch item?
A watch item is a piece in the auction that you would like to return to or keep your eye on. You can mark the star on these items, and then you can easily access these by sorting under "categories" and clicking "my activity."

View items by category and search:
At the top of the Market page you may search by categories. This includes "pieces up for auction," "buy now," "mediums," and "my activity" (items you have bid on or marked as watched).
You can also use the search bar to look for artwork, packages, items by item number, artist name, or title of the piece.

What happens if I win or buy a piece?
Hooray! You will not be charged right away after you win or buy an item. CherryArts will email you and send you the times for you to come by to pick up the piece or mail/ship. After that we will run your credit card to include shipping, sales tax, etc.