Global Fund for Widows

14th Annual Gala

November 10, 2022 | 7p

Central Park Boat House


Changing the World!

The Global Fund for Widows is the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated to economically empowering widows.  GFW innovated a financial inclusion solution to offer a permanent and sustainable source of capital to the world's poorest and most vulnerable: widows. Our WISALAs - the Widows' Savings and Loan Associations - are award-winning micro-banks disrupting micro-finance and proving to be an important financial catalyst.

Through our programming, GFW has led successful empowerment interventions that have economically empowered 20,000 widows, impacting 55,000 of their children, in 8 countries. Empowered widows have used their elevated status and voice to change discriminatory behaviors, advocate for themselves, and even give back to their community.

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Help us empower 15,000 widows!

Your donations will help us build 600 WISALA microbanks for the 15,000 widows that have placed themselves on our waitlist!

$10,000 - Builds 4 Micro-banks for 100 Widows Malawi

$5,000 - Builds 2 Micro-banks for 50 Widows in Kenya

$2,500 - Builds 1 Micro-bank in Nigeria

$1,000 - Builds vegetable stands or chicken farms for 10 widows

$500 - Empowers 5 widows

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Global Fund for Widows
Global Fund for Widows

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