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They said no one could get away?Enter the Brotherhood

Surrounded by frigid and shark-infested waters, for decades Alcatraz was regarded by prison inmates as "the impossible swim." Enter the brotherhood, four men who can't resist extreme adventure challenges.

On August 7, 2022, Alejandro Becker, Ricardo Becker, Ed Espos, and Benny Rodriguez will take to the cold waters and attempt the impossible, at "Sharkfest Swim 2022" in San Francisco. To prep for the unthinkable, Benny, Ed, together with Alejandro and his brother Ricardo have been training weekly at the aquatic center in American Canyon, the bay in Benicia and San Francisco's Aqua Park.


Photo: The Birth of Sharkfest,  Safety First? Blow up kayaks in shark-fested waters-let's not forget about sea lions, The Benicia training swim was warm compared to the San Francisco Aqua Park swim. 

The Why?

"Service to others has always been a calling for me and these two careers have given me the best teammates that I could ever ask for. The veteran community is one of self-sacrifice and a true brotherhood. That's why when Alejandro brought up this swim, I knew I would do it with him. Not only will veterans do something like this for "fun", but this opportunity also gives the many veterans we continue serving at the Yountville VA something to root for. I am doing it for them, and their support is what guides my commitment to training. The Tug McGraw and Guy Fieri Foundations exemplify what helping the community means to me and I am honored to have their support for this endeavor."  

 Benny Rodriguez, United States Marine Corps Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer


"What drives me is simple "Live a life worth their sacrifice." For my family and all my fellow veterans." 

  Ed Espos, HMC, United States Navy Retired and Law Enforcement Officer

"It is with with honor and pride to carrying the torch forward in memory of my fallen brothers, friends, and teammates whether from combat, medical conditions, or suicide. And to those who continue to endure the invisible wounds of war, a message of hope- that when we stay connected, we survive-stay connected."       

 Alejandro Becker, SOF IDC, United States Navy Retired


I feel honored to have been invited to join these amazing veterans for such an important cause. I'm here as one of the family and friends who want to support these people who have given so much.

Ricardo Becker, brother to Alejandro, Chief Engineer, Intel


The Brotherhood, Benny, Ed, Alejandro and Ricardo, San Francisco Aquatic Park 2022

To continue building upon the work of the Guy Fieri Foundation and the Tug McGraw Foundation, our goal for the Sharkfest Swim is to honor and bring further awareness to support the brain health and wellness for veterans and first responders and their families. What better way to help Kick-Off Guy and Tugger's up coming Fall Event but to lead the way with Alcatraz!

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