Cape & Islands Low Number CP Plate Auction - FAQs

Who can participate in the Cape & Islands License Plate auction?
All are welcome to bid! Anyone with a car registered in the state of Massachusetts may purchase the Cape & Islands Plate.

How do I pick up my Cape & Islands Plate and what do I do with my old plates?
Customer will receive a letter in the mail from the RMV with instructions on how to receive their new plates. The customer will have 90 days from receipt of the letter to call special plates for their plate. Customers can recycle their old license plates.

Is my plate purchase tax-deductible?

Yes! Your contribution is truly appreciated, and your tax-deductible donation will directly help to preserve and protect the Cape & Islands region for future generations. The Blue Economy Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is providing management of the charitable donations and distribution for the license plate auction. This name (The Blue Economy Foundation, Inc.) will appear on your credit card statement associated with this purchase. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the tax-deductibility of these items.

How often is the Cape & Islands Plate renewed?
The special plates are renewed every two years.

How much will the plate cost me when it is up for renewal?
The Cape & Islands specialty license plate fee is $50.00 and the registration fee is $60.00. It will cost you $110.00 to renew every two years.

If I am purchasing the plate as a gift, whose name do I enter on the form?
Please enter the information of the individual that the car is registered to. The form information should match the information associated with the registration of the car (the car must be registered in Massachusetts.)

Does the cost of this new specialty plate include my vehicle registration fees?

Are any CI or IC plates available to bid on in this auction?
No, this low-number plate auction only features CP plates.

Can I get this specialty plate on my commercial vehicle?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, commercial vehicles in Massachusetts can not have a specialty plate.

Can I put this new special plate on my leased vehicle?
Yes. You will need a Power of Attorney letter from your leasing agent in addition to a RTA form signed by your car insurance provider.