1.     Register for the event. Haven't registered yet? Click here and then come back to these instructions.

2.    Sign in using the username and password you set up during registration. The "Sign In" button is located at the top right of the event page.

3.     Scroll down and hit the button "Create a Fundraising Page" or click here.

4.     Enter the name of your page (have fun with this) and your fundraising goal (note: do not include a decimal with your goal amount-it will cause an error).

5.     Click "Go to Fundraising Page"

6.     Click "Edit Fundraising Page" at the top right of the page.

7.     Here you can edit the Page title, Fundraising goal, add a picture, and share your story and why you chose to participate by clicking "Edit Content".

8.     Once you're satisfied, hit save and then "Request Approval Now" so the page can go live.

9.     Once approved, you will receive an email with a shareable page link. 


Please contact us if you have any issues with this process.