SGT DEL's Brewery Walk

March 08, 2022 - April 25, 2022

Sunday, April 24, 2022   Registration starts at 11 AM Walk at Noon

Purple People Bridge - Newport Kentucky Entrance

$25,000 Goal


Total Raised




  • Del, Who Only Drinks Beer During Lent, March 2nd - April 17th (46 days) will NOT EAT ANYTHING - ALL calories come from BEER - is Partnering with the Ken Anderson Alliance 

  • CAI Insurance Sgt. Del's Brewery Walk presented by Bengal Jim benefiting the Ken Anderson Alliance
  • Del will conclude his fast with a 14 Lap Charity Walk on the Purple People Bridge! Del will be joined by other Brewery Reps, Bars & Restaurants, and Corporate Partners from the region in completing 14 Laps (in Honor of Ken Anderson's Bengal's Jersey Number) across the bridge.

CINCINNATI (WXIX) - A Tri-State man is giving up all food and only surviving on certain liquids once again for Lent.

Many have heard of Del Hall as the guy that drinks beer for Lent.

The Army veteran says this is the fourth year Hall will get his calories over the next six weeks exclusively from beer. He will also drink water, coffee and tea.

"The hardest part is right now," explains Hall. "The first five to seven days is just exhausting. I think in a way you're addicted to food. A lot of Americans are addicted to food. Whether it's habitual, we eat out of boredom."

Each year, Hall loses about 40-50 pounds during Lent. He says half of that he gains back. However, he hopes by the end of this year, he will be down 100 pounds from where he started in 2019.

Each year, his Lenten sacrifice gets a lot of attention and it's not just here in Cincinnati.

"It didn't really register until one day my phone rang and it said Vatican City," remembers Hall, "I was like 'The Vatican is calling me,' and it was a press secretary for the Vatican, and she asked if I was mocking religion. And I said, 'I'm a beer guy. I want to be genuine when I sell beer. I want to walk the walk.'"

Hall works at 16 Lots Brewery in Mason.

They sell Kenny's Dey Drinking Lager, which benefits the Ken Anderson Alliance (KAA). Hall is raising awareness and funds for KAA this year.

The foundation provides live work and engagement opportunities for adults with disabilities.

"Kenny [Ken Anderson] has a nephew, Drew, who has autism," explains Executive Director Kevin Potts, "And he has some pretty significant service-related needs. And that's what got Kenny passionate, was the issues they were having with Drew finding not only accessible but affordable housing for him, but also appropriate services. And he said, 'We've got to figure out something to fix that.' So, we started the Ken Anderson Foundation."

Hall says the Ken Anderson Alliance is near and dear to his heart.

"I have a 15-year-old daughter named Natalie with Cerebral Palsy. And the Ken Anderson Alliance does a lot for adults with disabilities, so even though she can't use the services now I'm thinking in the future she will need that."

KAA would not be able to provide many of these services without donations.

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