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Give a Second Chance

March 03, 2022 6:00 am - April 30, 2022 11:00 pm


After incarceration, reestablishing your life as a citizen can be difficult. Multiple barriers can get in the way of progress, such as lack of available resources and opportunities to get back on your feet. Although these barriers are hard to overcome, many returning citizens can successfully navigate their way back into society. Through perseverance, the generous support of others, and programs like Second Chance anyone can make the necessary changes to become thriving members of their communities.

Let us introduce you to Fred M. Fred spent 30 years in prison, and upon release knew he wanted big changes and never wanted to go back. Upon release he hit the ground running using a plan he had formulated while inside. "I wanted to reform myself in the image of something positive." Fred gives much credit to the Second Chance Program for acting as a consistent support system to him. He joined the program in 2016 and eventually graduated case management, which involved help with employment, housing, and bridging other transitional gaps. When asked how Second Chance has aided his success Fred stated, "I support them because they support me. It's something else that's not material."


Nationwide, nearly 67.5% of those individuals returning home from incarceration recidivate (return to incarceration). In the state of Missouri that number is even higher at 44%. At Second Chance we have consistently reduced that number with less than 5% recidivating in the last 5 years.

Give a Second Chance

How does supporting Second Chance during National Second Chance Month make for a safer and stronger community? 

Watch this Video and discover how your dollars help us give a second chance.


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Peer-to-peer fundraising is when you organize your own personal campaign to collect donations from your community. You will create your own page where you can share why you think its important to support Second Chance, set your own goals and share your page across your own social network. 

The proceeds from this campaign benefit the Second Chance Risk Reduction Center and help us supply services to those individuals who have decided to make a lasting change and never return to incarceration again. Please help us continue our work and support us in our mission to make the Kansas City Metropolitan area a safer community.

You are giving more than a donation.

You are giving a second chance.

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You are making more than a donation. You are making a difference.

Donations may also be made by calling our office with a credit card at 816-960-6800, or by mailing a check.

Make check payable to KCMCC, write "Second Chance" in the memo line, and mail to:

Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission
3100 Broadway Blvd, Suite 1234

Kansas City, MO 64111

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