It has been a pleasure working at CFLC for almost ten years. It is amazing how many lives CFLC has touched over its 40 years. Help me contribute to our overall goal of $40,000.


CFLC programs benefit kids and families throughout Riverside County, CA. The programs that I have the pleasure of working with are Kin Care and SafeCare.


Kin Care helps provide a connection with other caregivers having similar experiences. Our kinship support services encourage positive outcomes among youth, and strong community ties among families in similar circumstances. Our Community Resource Counselors help relative caregivers link up with a wide array of community services and provide personalized support to every Kin Care family. Kin Care Services consist but are not limited to guardianship and kin adoption assistance, counseling, tutoring, respite services for caregivers, support groups, recreation activities, permanency planning, link to legal services, advocacy, needs assessment, referrals and case management for families exiting Foster Care and moving into KinGap.

SafeCare is an evidence-based, behavioral parent-training program for families at-risk or reported for physical abuse or child neglect. Home Visitors are trained SafeCare professionals who provide in-home, module based skills training targeting parent-child/infant interaction, child health, and home safety, to parents of children ages 0-5 years.


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