Jane Bourette's Ride for WeCan

2022 will be my 7th time riding on behalf of WE CAN on Cape Cod. 

For more than 20 years, WE CAN has been empowering women going through life transitions and challenges. They serve women of all ages providing unique, free services, referrals and resources to help foster independence and create lasting positive change. WE CAN's mix of programs, workshops, and services are tailored to each woman's needs, with the goal of fostering independence. Over 70% of participants receive more than one service from WE CAN. 

I have personally mentored, volunteered and supported WE CAN in any way I can for 15 years and met many amazing women in all walks and stages of life. So many meaningful connections. 

This years' ride is either 25 or 55 miles, I'm shooting for the longer one, with a team of women I'm training with regularly. We have all been touched or moved by the stories of WE CAN. 100% of funds raised stay on Cape Cod to support women and families at WE CAN.

Thank you for donating to this effort and supporting WE CAN! More information can be found on www.WeCanCenter.org.


Judith Tusino
Kerry Davis
Michele Lee Occhipinti
Caroline Nixon
Marc Barton
Kathleen DeHertogh
Candice Wroe
Barbara Ostroth
Holly Finigan