Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for visiting the WC Eagles Turf Fundraising website. Below are some answers to questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please contact us at INFO@WCEAGLESTURF.ORG and we will be glad to help!




  • Auction is open to all including non-WC player families
  • Bidding is anonymous
  • By bidding you agree you have read our full auction policies found outlined on this page
  • Auction goes live Wednesday, May 18th at 8:00 AM Eastern Time
  • Auction closes Sunday, May 22nd at 9:00 PM Eastern Time with a 2 minute extended close as described below
  • 2 minute extended close: If a bid is placed within 2 minutes of 9:00 PM, the auction for that item will successively extend by 2 minutes until bids are no longer placed.
  • Bidding may require registration and a credit-card on file
  • Bidders must be aged 18 or over. Some items may have additional age restrictions.
  • Bidders assume all risks and hazards related to the silent auction and items
  • Minimum bid amounts may differ according to item and the system will prompt the next minimum bid amount
  • Bidders may bid a higher than the minimum bid amount at any time
  • Bidders may place a maximum bid by clicking on "Auto Bid"and the system will increase your bid as needed to keep you winning until your maximum bid amount is reached
  • All bids and sales are final. There are no exchanges or returns, and all items are sold "as is."
  • Item descriptions are accurate as possible as given by the donor or as determined by the auction committee
  • WC Eagles reserves the right to change items during the auction; items may be added or withdrawn, with or without notice
  • Limited Edition WC Eagles Merch is available only during the online auction timeframe. These items are made to order with an estimated delivery of 2-4 weeks. Some items or sizes may encounter delays due to supply chain or other issues beyond our control.
  • All winning bids and purchases must be paid for in full within 2 days of auction end. Unpaid items at that time will be processed to the credit card on file. If payment is not secured or arrangements made otherwise, we reserve the right to offer the item to the next highest bidder.
  • Items will be available for pick-up at WC Eagles during regular business/training hours starting Tuesday, May 24 unless otherwise stated
  • Many items can be shipped, some will be delivered virtually. It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to request shipping by emailing Virtually deliverable items will be emailed to the bidder's email on file.
  • All items must be picked-up no later than July 9, 2022 or will be considered unclaimed and will become the property of WC Eagles and may be resold
  • Any questions regarding these policies, items in the auction, or about the turf fund, please direct to




  • Can I give anonymously? Yes, absolutely. All gifts may be designated as anonymous at check-out for online donations or on the mail-in form. If you would like some acknowledgments to be anonymous but others not, please feel free to let us know by emailing INFO@WCEAGLESTURF.ORG.
  • Can I donate by check or cash? Yes, absolutely. Click here for a mail-in form to mail in your check. If you prefer to donate with cash, please arrange delivery to our training facility other than by mail if possible.
  • How can I donate with a gift of stock or arrange a company match for my donation? Please contact Richard Kentwell at RICHARD@WCEAGLESHOCKEY.COM for more information.
  • Are donations tax-deductible? WC Eagles is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, donations made to WC Eagles and the Turf Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. For tax-deductible status for your specific circumstance, please consult your tax advisor.
  • I want to give, but can't give a lot right now. What are my options? We are quite mindful of everyone's financial situations especially given the current economy and effects of Covid. We are grateful for any amount you are able to give. There is an option to give a recurring donation online if you would like.
  • Other ways to give:
    • Donate an item, service, or experience to the online auction! Click here or contact Gina Whalen (GINANWHALEN@COMCAST.NET) or Kara Todd (KARACTODD@GMAIL.COM) for more information.
    • Donate your time - we would love your help! Volunteers are critical to the success of this fundraising project at all levels. Please contact us at INFO@WCEAGLESTURF.ORG to get started.
    • Spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues!





The turf at WC Eagles is state-of-the-art artificial hockey turf that is approved by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) - the international governing body of field hockey - and is used by top National League clubs in the UK, Europe, and New Zealand.

    • Our turf provides a professional training and playing surface for our players, enabling them to learn skills properly as youth and develop into high-level players.
    • Our turf is a significant contributor to the advancement of the sport by providing its high-performance synthetic surfaces in an environmentally-friendly way.
    • Our turf is grain-free, enabling the ball to run straight and the stick to travel smoothly in all directions without noticeable grabbing or catching - resulting in a fast-paced game that players and spectators love.


The turf at WC Eagles was laid in 2009. Normal wear and tear over time and some erosion of the underlying e-layer is to be expected. Given the amount of use our turf has had over the years, it has more than outlived its typical lifespan due to the good maintenance we have provided it.


Why not water-based turf? While water-based turf has been a standard internationally and on many college campuses, the FIH has stated that water-based turf will no longer be used beginning with the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Furthermore, the system for the water-based turf alone is expensive in addition to water usage. Our artificial hockey turf is more economical and has a lesser environmental impact while conserving water.


What will happen to the old turf? The old turf will be repurposed in the indoor facility space and other areas.





  • What should I do if I'm having trouble setting up my personal Champion fundraising page? Please contact INFO@WCEAGLESTURF.ORG with your question.
  • What should my fundraising goal be? Your fundraising goal is personal to you - you can set it at any amount you desire. It can be $100 or $1,000 or even $10,000 and anything in between.
  • My sister also plays at WC. Can we make one page for both/all of us? Yes, absolutely! Please note for purposes of the challenge, the proceeds will be split evenly among the age group for each sister.
  • My fundraising is going really well. Can I change my goal? Yes, absolutely. You can do this by accessing your champion page and editing it. If you need help, please contact INFO@WCEAGLESTURF.ORG
  • My grandparents want to donate to my champion page but don't want to use their credit card - what should I do? Your grandparents can still donate - either they can write you a check and then ask your parents to use their credit card, or your grandparents can send a check payable to "WC Eagles" to WC Eagles Turf Fund, c/o Champion "Your Name", 88 Wells Road, Spring City, PA 19475 and we will apply it to your account.
  • How should I share my personal Champion fundraising page? When you sign-up for your page, there will be a link to copy and share. You can share your page by email, text, or social media!
  • When does the Champion Challenge end? The Champion Challenge contest ends on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 but your page will remain active after that date and people can continue to contribute.





  • I want to help - what can I do? Come join the team to help with the auction, sponsorships, and general help. The sayings, "Many hands make light work" and "The more the merrier" could not be more true! Please email us at INFO@WCEAGLES.ORG to lend a hand or with any questions - we'd love to hear from you!
  • Committee as of 5/18/22
    • Jeanne Dechiario (P '22)
    • Kara Todd (P '24)
    • Gina Whalen (P '23)
    • Christina Duff (P '24, '27)
    • Gloria Cilluffo (P '22)