Champion Challenge

 WC players are rising to the challenge and helping FUNdraise!




Our players have created individual fundraising pages to share their stories and set a personal goal - it can be any amount of your choosing. Each fundraising champion who raises $100 or more will receive a special recognition pin.


Congratulations to the following players receiving a mini-stick signed by the USWNT for being the top fundraising champions for each age group by May 31, 2022:


U19 - Gia Whalen
U16 - Autum Kernechel
U14 - Alexa Clark
U12 - Mia Keating
U10 - Vivi Lee



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 Champion Challenge Fundraising Pages


Click on the names below for individual Champion Challenge pages and help your favorite player reach her fundraising goal for the Turf Fund. Thank you for your support!



Jacqueline and Kaitlyn Aleardi


Ellie and Chloe Almeida


Olivia Anderson


Sarah Bednarek


Katelyn Bradica


Elaina Bressi


Kylie and Danni Briggs


Jenna Butler


Rylie Cathcart


Alexa Clark


Katie Cole


Colleen and Devyn Conlan


Hadley Coupe


Aileen Curtis


Maia Dechiario


Rylee Dennis


Lauren DeRose


Estelle Donald


Alex and Elanna Duff


Victoria Eidam


Haley Elliott


Sofia Ferri


Ellie Fields


Addison Ford


Elena Foresta


Alyssa and Mia Freeman


Natalie Freeman


Kiley Gallagher


Emma Guydish


Ryleigh and Kara Heck


Brooke Hickinbotham


Brynna Hill


Lily Ippolito


Juliet Johnson


Mia Keating


Teagan and Harper Kelly


Autum Kernechel


Tane King


Maggie and Georgi Kondrath


Gabby and Vivi Lee


Camilla and Matilda Lutte


Leighton Matlack


Karlie Mertz


Saylor, Reese, and Maisie Milone


Lily Natale


Kitt Neel


Naomi and Sadie Niewinski


Morgan O'Donnell


Cara Osborne


Darby Reyburn


Lindsey Roberts


Atia Sabbagh


Noelle Sabbagh


Kiera Sack


Riley Savage


Ashley Sessa


Jack Shaw


Hala Silverstein


Carly Smith


Opal Sparling


Rylyn Stanley


Macy Szukics


Kierstin Tartar


Callen Todd


Aubrey and Claire Turner


Melea Weber


Regan Welsh


Reese Westerman


Gia Whalen


Lilly Wojcik