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2022 Wildlife Center Gala Sponsors

Bald Eagle

Dale & Sara Bateman

Black Bear

Kay E. Childress

Richard Evans

Kat Imhoff & Jeep Moore

Sally Jordan

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mandrick 

Julie & Jeff Morrill


Mr. & Mrs. Cecil B. Armstrong

Dr. Lucky & Sabrina Garvin

Paula Rabkin

Jeanne Saunders 

Marian Urnikis & Joe Ahlgren 


Matt & Sandy Benavides

Dottie Bohatch

Debbie & Stormy Carter

Leroy & Cora Collins

Ms. Laura Darling

Lila Davis

Dr. Patricia & Mr. Thomas Flynn

Janet S. Hensley & Peter Coppolino

Cathy & Michael Johnson

Karen & Paul Laski

Ms. Sharon E. Logan & Mr. Richard S. Luckett

Mary Jane F. & Jeanne F. Moeller

Candace Osdene

Phillip & Christina Updike

Paul P. & Martha A. Vames

Linda J. Vetter

Lona Wilson




Wayne & Jody Boswell

Susan Boyd & Bruce Schmid

Randy & Becky Cripe

Amie & Benji Durden

Tony & Geri Ficarra

James & Beverly Foster

Susan Freedman

Jim Garner

Sue Gobel

Jane & Bruce Greyson

Drs. Samuel & Melissa Hostetter

Hallam Hurt & Stephen Roth

Emily Ott

MaryŠ Rowan

Mr. & Mrs. James Skluzak

Cynthia Snyder

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Temps

Katherine Vaughan

Mac Walker

Williams Brothers Tree and Lawn Service

Marc & Tricia Williamson

Neal & Donna Wixson

Erika Yery

Hosted By

The Wildlife Center of Virginia
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Waynesboro, VA, USA

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