Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Win Win 10!

Have a question that's not answered below? We'll be adding to this section so please check back often. You can also email us at [email protected].


How do I attend Win Win 10?


1) Register on this site. Click the TICKETS AND SPONSORSHIPS or REGISTER NOW button on the auction homepage and fill out your bidder information. Create a password, check the boxes for terms and conditions and text messages (you will want be notified about items you bid on), then click 'Create my GiveSmart account.'

Or, if you already have a GiveSmart account, simply click to register and log into your existing account.

You'll receive an email with the Zoom link ahead of the event. 


2) Prepare two devices for Saturday March 5:

-  a computer for Zoom so that you can participate in chat, watch the show, and set Zoom to Gallery View

-  a mobile device such as your phone, for bidding, donating, and text notifications during the event.


3) Look out for the Digital Party Pack coming to you in February for Zoom backgrounds, event programs, and more.  

Tip: download the latest version of Zoom.


What's the order of the day?


Win Win 10 Schedule of Events


1:00pm            Virtual space opens - let the games begin!

1:45pm            Guest Check in opens 

2:00pm           Welcome

2:15pm             Artist & Facilitator Spotlights

2:45pm            Live Auction 

3:00pm            More NIAD Artist Spotlights

3:10pm             Silent Auction 

3:30pm            Conclude virtual portion

6:00pm            In-person Courtyard Celebration - community, paella and music!

8:00pm            End of a SUPER fun WW10



Do I have to use a cellphone to bid or can I participate using my computer?

You can participate in the auction from a computer, tablet or phone - it's up to you! After you sign in to your GiveSmart account, click ITEMS at the top menu to view the auction and start bidding. You can filter these by type of item by clicking the 'categories' button. 

Click the item you'd like to bid on, then enter your bid in the open text field (make sure it is higher than the current minimum amount) and click "Bid". If you have opted in to receive text messages, you will receive a text if you are outbid.  


Will you need my credit card information?

Yes, a credit card number will be required to bid. 


Can I use a card that's not on file with GiveSmart?


Yes, you can use a different card to pay for your items when it's time to checkout. Follow the screen prompts to enter a new card number.


I'm not very tech-savvy, will I have a hard time participating?

We don't think so! The bidding platform is very user-friendly and will walk you through the entire process. If you need help, though, please contact NIAD at [email protected]


What if I'm having technical difficulties or technical questions?  


During the event, type your questions in the chat. A chat monitor will reach out to you. We'll do our best to help!

If you have technical questions before the event, please email [email protected]


How do I win the Live Auction item I want?


When it's time for the Live Auction, and your desired artwork comes up, type your bid in the Zoom chat. If you're the winner, an auction volunteer will direct message you to confirm your details and payment information. 


What if I want a live auction piece but I can't attend the event? 


Email [email protected] and let us know before March 5 and an auction staffer can proxy bid for you.


If I win, how and when will I get my items?

If you win an item in the auction, we will contact you after March 5 to determine how you will receive your item(s). Some items will qualify to be mailed to your home, others will require you to schedule a pick up time. Please be patient as pick-up arrangements are dependent upon local COVID-19 restrictions. Thank you for your understanding. If you have a question, please contact [email protected]


How do I participate in the 40th Anniversary Fund?


Good question! We'll include the 40th Anniversary Fund in the live program as a virtual paddle raise. You can donate with your device, or place your donation amount in the Zoom chat and an auction volunteer will direct message you. For faster processing, we encourage you to donate on your device and you can watch the progress meter display go up with your contribution!


How does Checkout work?

If you have donated and/or you are the lucky winner of an auction item, you can securely self-checkout. Click the PAY tab to pay your balance at any time.

A text with the link to pay will also be sent to all users with a balance on file at the end of the auction.

Any unpaid balances will be charged to the card on file beginning Saturday March 5 at 5pm PST. Email [email protected] to arrange alternate form of payment before that time. 


Do I have to pay for shipping?


You will not pay extra for shipping for your 6x6 or for auction winnings.  


When will I receive my 6x6 canvas?


If you purchased Early Bird Tickets, we will mail your 6x6  the week of February 15.

If you purchased tickets after February 15 your 6x6 will be mailed after March 6 along with any auction winnings.

If you wish to pick up your artwork from NIAD, stay tuned for designated pickup days and times.


What if I want to purchase another 6x6 artwork?


Email us at [email protected] to purchase a 6x6 canvas while supplies last. Each 6x6 is $50. 


How do I join my Watch Party?


We'll set up each Watch Party Host with a breakout room under your party name. Breakout rooms are not monitored. Guests are invited to freely mingle among the Breakout rooms.


I bought more than one ticket; how do I update my Win Win 10 Ticket Attendees?

Did you purchase multiple Win Win 10 tickets? You can update your guests (Attendees) within your ticket order either through your Win Win 10 GiveSmart email receipt, or sign in to GiveSmart and go to the Pay page from the top left menu. You can assign tickets to your attendees, and add a mobile number or email to send them confirmation reminders. When your attendees receive the reminders, they can confirm attendance, complete their registration, and they can add a credit card to their user account to join the bidding and donating action. All attendees will be emailed the digital party pack and event log in beforehand.

Note: You'll need your GiveSmart username and password to update attendee information.


To Update via the Email Link

-Locate ticket purchase email notification.
-Click Update Attendee Details.
-Follow prompts to complete the account username and password.

To Update via the Pay Page

-Go to NIAD's event page, via email or text notification link.
-Select Pay Page.
-Select View Order.

To Assign Unassigned Tickets

-Click Assign.
-Add attendee information. 
-Click Save

Note: A confirmation text or email is automatically sent when contact information is added.


To Edit Guest Info on Assigned Tickets

-Click Edit to add or modify attendee information.
-Click Unassign to remove the attendee from the ticket.
-Click Assign to add a new attendee.
-Enter new attendee information.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you need additional help!


What's the artwork on our Win Win 10 site?

Background Image: Untitled (P1066) by Luis Estrada. Mixed media on stretched canvas, 2019. 44 x 32"

(this artwork is in our silent auction!) 

Banner Image: Untitled (P0097) by Peter Harris. Acrylic on stretched canvas, 2018. 27 x 52 x 53"

(this artwork is also in our silent auction!)


Is WIN WIN 10 an accessible event? 


Win Win 10 will be held on Zoom with captioning, ASL, and Spanish language translation. The auction exhibition will be at NIAD's ground floor gallery and the reception is in the courtyard garden. Street parking is available. For accessibility inquiries, please contact Chrissie Bradley, NIAD's Accessibility and Communications Specialist at 510-620-0290 or [email protected].  

What is NIAD's Mission and Vision? 

NIAD Art Center's vision has always been an inclusive community where art makes the individual and their story visible. NIAD's programs promote independence, dignity, and community integration through sustainable careers in the arts for people with disabilities. 

NIAD is an art and disability organization. We are nationally recognized by the art world and the adult disability community. Over the past 40 years, NIAD has served 200+ artists with disabilities, who have shown in over 200 exhibitions around the Bay Area and beyond, sold more than 14,000 artworks, and generated over $1.1 million in art sales since 2008 alone. 99% of NIAD's current artists have sold artwork; artists receive a 50% commission on sales. Our programs - year-round, in-person and virtual - serve up to 75 studio artist clients. We have monthly exhibitions and events in our galleries and spaces outside NIAD, and weekly online shows selected by studio artists and guest curators. Each NIAD exhibition tells a story - they are equal parts timely, playful, and thought-provoking. Everyone can browse and purchase artworks on-site and online.