2021 LAXNova Fall Brawl

This year the Fall Brawl family has partnered with SEALKIDS to help the children of Naval Special Warfare.


SEALKIDS, through its programs, supports the children of Naval Special Warfare-everyday kids living in extraordinary circumstances. This encompassing approach of academic testing, tutoring, therapy, advocacy, and enrichment fosters the success and well-being of the child, critically reducing family stresses and ultimately keeping today's Navy SEAL in the fight. SEALKIDS works as a partner with schools, parents, and the Navy SEAL community to provide services not readily available in schools and not covered by military insurance, Tricare. We fill the gap.

Our services are vital for the success of families in the Navy SEAL community. One active duty spouse and SEALKID parent shared, "We remain enormously grateful for your support. The greatest tangible reprieve from the demands of this military lifestyle came in the form of your academic support for our child."

SEALKIDS is celebrating our 10th anniversary. We have helped nearly 1000 children, nationwide, achieve their academic goals despite the challenges they face while their dad is deployed.

Want to win a stick signed by Veteran Navy SEAL and All-American Laxer Rorke Denver?!

Come visit the SEALKIDS tent onsite!

Raffle tickets are $10 each

Men's winner will be drawn at 2 pm on November 21st. 

Women's winner will be drawn at 2 pm on November 28th. 

Rorke signing the Men's Stringking Complete 2 INT

Rorke signing the Women's Brine Dynasty II

$10,000 Goal


Total Raised

Donate Now

It's not just a donation. It's a life-changer.

$500 gives a child with learning disabilities a pathway to graduating on time.

$100 gives a child the tools to conquer dyslexia.

$50 gives a child the confidence to tackle algebra.

Every dollar creates tangible, positive impact for a child in the Navy SEAL community.

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Questions? Please contact Kelley Wilson


Virginia Revolution Sportsplex, Evergreen Mills Road, Leesburg, VA, USA

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