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What is the Our Lady Queen of Peace School Endowment?

Our Endowment Fund began in 1984 out of a growing concern for the rising cost of a quality Catholic school education for our children. The goal of the fund is to provide a consistent source of revenue for the school to ensure access for all. We have created a strong, three-source financial foundation for our school: parish support, tuition, and the Endowment Fund.

One distinguishing characteristic of our Endowment Fund is that we only disburse funds from the investment earnings, not from the principal balance (total of all gifts to the fund).

Since inception, the Endowment Fund has provided over $1,500,000 in School support.
The targeted Annual Distribution Rate is 4%, based on the average balance over a 36-month period.
The annual average benefit per student (~450 students) is $200.

Oversight of this fund is provided by the Investment Committee, a sub-committee of Finance Council.

What is QP School Endowment?

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