Thank You to Our Generous Supporters:

A special thank you to the following individuals and groups
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All donors, volunteers, team leaders, and the 2021-2022 PILG Executive Board and the UConn Foundation for their guidance. 

 In addition, we are particularly grateful to all of the Law School faculty and staff
who supported PILG this year. Here is list of our UConn Law faculty and staff donors:

 Dean Eboni Nelson, Dean Karen DeMeola, Dean Jennifer Mailly, Prof. Jon Bauer, Prof. Bethany Berger, Prof. Kiel Brennan-Marquez, Prof. Audrey Chapman, Prof. John Cogan, Prof. Mathilde Cohen, Prof. Diana Covello, Prof. Anne Dailey, Prof. Gerald Dwyer Jr., Prof. Timothy Everett, Prof. Michael Fischl, Prof. Timothy Fisher, Prof. Matthew Horowitz, Prof. Mark Janis, Prof. Lewis Kurlantzick, Prof. James Kwak, Prof. Leslie Levin, Prof. Peter Lindseth, Prof. Minor Myers, Prof. Lisa Perkins, Prof. Richard Pomp, Prof. Peter Siegelman, Prof. James Stark, Prof. Carleen Zubrzycki, The Legal Practice Department, & The Career Development Center.