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Winning Tickets

Item Name; Winning Ticket; First Name Last Name

Tier 1 Value $50 - $149   128 baskets

1-Calling All Jets Fans; 17; Jolene Winsor

2-Foodies of Morris Plains; 87; Diane Govelitz

3-Luxury in Chester; 13; Hayley Manger

4-Fancy Night In; 92; Michelle Blanchfield

5-Toddler Toy Basket; 5; Anna Collemi

6-Pasta Party; 134; Kelly Turner

7-Jumpstart Your Self Care; 33; Gabby Cestone

8-Show Your Hair Some Love; 57 Debi; Riska

9-Tea and Candlelight; 13; Stacey Plichta-Kellar

10-Shop Denville; 219; Anna Simansky

11-Orange You Ready to Work?; 59; Barbara Donegan

12-Pamper Your Pup; 100; Louise Johnston

13-Wrap Yourself in Magic; 42; Lisa Rodriguez

14-Sparkles and Polish; 35; Stacey Plichta-Kellar

15-Taste of Denville; 247; Marie Damiano

16-Fresh Flowers & Great Gifts; 80; Evelyn Price

17-Taste of Denville II; 58; Lisa Vanderhoof

18-TexMex, Tacos and Wine; 96; Anna Simansky

19-Pasta, Pizza, and Pinot; 55; Kimberly Robbins

20-Breakfast with a Tea Party; 50; Marie Damiano

21-Taste of Denville III; 18; Christina Wacht-Cook

22-Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner; 13; Michelle Braun

23-Head Out to Pub 447; 40; Michelle Braun

24-The World Is Your Oyster!; 68; Kerry Mohan

25-Mount Olive Favorites; 46; Fiorella Diaz

26-Farms, Food, and Fun; 5; Kathleen Kirk

27-Love Your Locks; 50; Terri Freedman

28-Saucy and Sweet; 11; Rosalie Kuper

29-Another Evening at the Pub; 93; Gail Byrne

30-Beauty, Beef and Blanc; 28; Fiorella Diaz

31-Lakeside Dining; 689; Debra Kovatch

32-Family Fun Day; 132; Kristina Bunch

33-Treat Yourself!; 36; Sharon Varnelas

34-Look and Feel Your Best; 55; Rachel Tamburri

35-Stay Connected; 15; Gabby Cestone

36-Luscious Lashes; 125; Barbara Donegan

37-A Mix of Fun in Madison; 33; Nancy Donatiello

38-Perfectly Playful; 67; Judy Hahn

39-A Fun Day Out; 1; James McCarthy

40-Outfit Yourself; 29; Judy Hahn

41-Dinner and Drinks; 74; Barbara Donegan

42-Dinner at Takuma; 45; Bonnie Weiss

43-A Night Out; 415; Mike Giordano

44-Arthur's Tavern II; 193; Caitlyn Song

45-Get Ready for Date Night; 11; Rachel Tamburri

46-Indulge Your Tastebuds; 76; Michelle Braun

47-Wine and Dine; 38; Jill Cecere

48-Tequila and Tacos; 45; Sylvia Couvertier

49-Tacos and Drinks; 2; Ellen Brody

50-Appi's and Drinks; 20; Sheri Merkel

51-Games and Bites; 177; Robert Norcross

52-Cocktails and Dinner; 187; Sunita Holzer

53-Sweet Indulgence; 67; Peggy Lenahan

54-Dine and Shine; 86; Kristina Bunch

55-Basket Full of Goodies; 139; Debi Riska

56-Savor the Flavor; 344; Anna Simansky

57-Sip, Savor, and Enjoy; 51; Anna Simansky

58-Taste of Mt. Arlington; 39; Bonnie Weiss

59-Endless Possibilities; 490; Jacque Rees

60-Hover Board Fun; 55; Hayley Manger

61-Tickets To Your Dreams; 609; Rebecca Eisen

62-Feeling Lucky?; 370; Kimberly Robbins

63-Culinary Delights; 589; Rita Karachun

64-Feast on Us; 109; Carolyn Krug

65-Stock Your Pantry; 383; Cathy Cerbo

66-Indulge in Deliciousness; 11; Linda Horn

67-Dance Your Way to Fitness; 1; Michelle Braun

68-Legal Leaf; 61; Ida McGrath

69-Battle It Out; 34; Sylvia Couvertier

70-Enjoy Every Bite; 114; Linda Horn

71-Eat, Drink, and Be Merry; 144; Debi Riska

72-The Art of Eating; 13; Dawn G

73-Pizza and Temptations; 154; Kristina Bunch

74-A Cart Full of Goodies; 148; Vickie DiCianni

75-Fresh Picks; 325; Helen Le Frois

76-Say Goodbye to Back Pain; 19; Kathleen Gentile

77-Fine Dining; 204; Lisa Vanderhoof

78-Mix It Up; 81; Robin Lyng

79-The Ultimate Snack Attack; 46; Jacklyn Miuccio

80-Raise A Glass; 202; Barbara Donegan

81-Bake Your Heart Out; 161; Amy Bucco

82-Relax and Rejuvenate; 51; Helen Le Frois

83-Grill and Chill; 4; Sheri Merkel

84-Picnic Perfect; 60; Michelle Braun

85-Calling All Bird Lovers; 238; Helen Le Frois

86-Spring Is Coming!; 21; Jamie Von Ameln

87-Grind and Brew; 132; Mindy Turner

88-Bake Your Way to Bliss; 2; Adrienne OMealy

89-Enter the Game; 21; MC Robinson

90-Get Your Game On; 121; Diane Metzler

91-Shop 'Til You Drop; 268; Amy Allegretti

92-Wine Time; 42; Jane McGuire

93-Ready For The Beach?; 110; Kristin Baltadonis

94-Wine Time II; 4; Colleen Bewalder

95-Whiskey Neat; 60; Shawna Wagner

96-Tequila Sunrise; 56; Jacklyn Miuccio

97-Whiskey and Rye; 29; Jacklyn Miuccio

98-Sophisticated Red & White; 76; Jeff Simon

99-Wine Time with Friends; 50; Kristen Knight

100-Wine For All Times!; 69; Shawna Wagner

101-Bust Your Boredom; 78; Julie Dally

102-Explore Your World; 37; Marie Damiano

103-Rae Dunn Plus...; 137; Eric Johnson

104-Gourmet Treats; 87; Anna Collemi

105-Obsessed; 15; Kimberly Robbins

106-The Grocery Run; 42; Lisa Poles

107-Fill Your Pantry; 191; Mindy Turner

108-Smart Shopping; 68; Bonnie Weiss

109-Wine Tastings; 56; Raul Rosales

110-Fresh and Delicious; 35; Gretel Uptegrove

111-Shop Right with ShopRite; 55; Jamie Molchan

112-Shop The Aisles; 177; Mindy Turner

113-Endless Possibilities; 3; Ann Boschetti

114-Bulls-Eye on Deals; 20; Christine Gabriel

115-Everything You Need; 52; Dawn G

116-Shopping Spree; 93; Diane Metzler

117-Accessories Galore!; 28; Michelle Vallee

118-Wine Again!; 40; Michelle Braun

119-Target Your Happiness; 197; Steve OConnor

120-Fuel Up; 28; Karen Walsh

121-Your Favorite Groceries; 50; Linda Horn

122-Shop Smart; 127; Gabby Cestone

123-Pantry and Closet; 3; Kathleen Kirk

124-Enjoy the Arts; 45; Steve OConnor

125-Blended Goodness; 30; Kristina Bunch

126-Wooden Treasures; 68; Kristina Bunch

127-Cocktail Collection; 42; Erin Heyert

128-Shop Kohl's; 96; Amy Allegretti


Tier 2  Value $150 - $249    16 Baskets

201-For the Love of Pets; 32; Kristina Bunch

202- Perfectly Cozy; 8; Kathleen Gentile

203-Revitalize Your Skin; 42; Lynne Acla

204-Visit Papermill Playhouse; 42; Mary Maximos

205-Recharge Your Beauty; 22; Karen Mongrella

206-Sleek and Chic; 32; Gwen Paxon

207-Tee Time Treat; 10; Jane McGuire

208-Scoops of Joy; 21; Elizabeth Uptegrove

209-Pure Barre; 10; Sylvia Couvertier

210-Crispy and Crunchy; 9; Sheri Merkel

211-Cook Like a Pro; 29; Susan Nagel

212-Pet Extravaganza; 12; Lynne Acla

213-Restore Your Natural Glow; 12; Juli Harpell-Elam

214-Train Hard, Get Fit!; 1; Kathleen Gentile

215-Stretch It Out; 5; Sylvia Couvertier

216-Target Shopping Spree; 103; Donna Wantz


Tier 3  Value $250 +   4 Baskets

301-Brighten Your Smile; 9; Raul Rosales

302-Fore!; 22; Marjorie List

303-Ignite Your Night; 12; Eric Johnson

304-ShopRite Extravaganza!; 31; Kristen Knight



Tier 4 Vacations  3 Baskets

401-Vacation in Antigua; 15; Sol Huertas

402-Verandah Beach Resort; 14; Hayley Manger

403-Travel to Panama; 10; Raul Rosales

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Welcome to the JBWS Tricky Tray for Hope 



     JBWS Friends Fundraising Committee proudly present the Annual Tricky Tray for Hope. 

We're so excited about this year's event!  You will find so many great prizes that include:
wine and dine experiences, vacations, shopping sprees, spa treatments, jewelry, and so much more!
We made sure to include options for Mothers and Father's Day too! 

 Good luck and thank you for supporting JBWS! 

 To view the event program, click here 
To view the live drawing at 5:00pm, click here or below:




Founded 47 years ago, JBWS is the only agency of its kind in Morris County whose sole purpose is the prevention of domestic violence through the protection and empowerment of the victims, the rehabilitation of family members, the advocacy for social change to prevent partner violence and the education of the public about domestic violence and its consequences. Over the years, JBWS has received both local and national attention for its vital services. Business leaders, as well, have recognized JBWS as a premier agency that addresses the issues of domestic violence.

At the heart of JBWS' success are its life-saving services. Here, families hurting from abuse can get help through a 24-hour helpline; The Arbour House - a confidential safe home for victims and their children that provides counseling; and The Simon House - a transitional living resource center providing life skills education, vocational counseling, and financial awareness programs. JBWS also provides legal and court accompaniment services, counseling for abusers, community/professional education and dating abuse prevention programs. Through these bilingual, comprehensive services, families receive the special help they need to put domestic violence behind them and begin new, self-sufficient lives. JBWS is also the lead agency for the Morris Family Justice Center in Morristown, a coordinated one-stop resource provided by multiple service agencies.

Comprehensive services at JBWS are provided by a professional staff, along with the support of some 180 volunteers. For more information, please visit our website at or call the 24-hour helpline for special assistance 1-877-R-U-ABUSED.

Schedule of Events  

  • March 19th - The site opens for viewing only.  We encourage you to browse the many prizes we have, in advance. 
  • March 21st at 12pm - March 23rd at 4:00pm - Participants can purchase and "drop" their tickets into their desired baskets.  
  • March 23rd at 5pm - Winning tickets will be pulled.  There are several ways to see if you are a winner.  It can be viewed real time on the site (link to be provided), or you can check back later at your convenience, and find the list of winners and winning ticket on the website. 
  • March 24th (Friday) from 1pm-4pm and again from 5pm-8pm, prizes can be picked up at 1055 Parsippany Boulevard, Parsippany, NJ  07054. There will be designated lanes for cars to line up.  Everyone must remain in their vehicles.

* * All prizes must be collected within 30 days of the event.

How It Works 


  1. Registration is free and allows you to view the baskets and receive notifications regarding the event. 
  2. Buying and Dropping Ticket(s):  You may begin dropping tickets on Tuesday, March 21st at 12pm, through Thursday, March 23rd at 4:00pm.  Tickets are purchased with credit cards.  You will enter your credit card information ONLY for the first purchase.  To take a chance, simply select the basket, select the number of tickets you want to drop (purchase) and click on BUY. Ticket prices are per basket; therefore, ticket discounts only apply per basket. 
    **Please Note:  You will not be able to remove your ticket(s) once they have been purchased. 
  3. Pulling the Winning Numbers:  Pulling begins on Thursday, March 23rd at 5pm.
    You will be able to watch live - (link coming soon!) Don't worry, if you can't watch it live, we will be posting the winning numbers and names when the pulling is complete.
  4. Prize Pick-up:  Winners can pick up their baskets .at 1055 Parsippany Blvd, Parsippany. on: Friday March 24th, from 1pm-4pm, and again from 5pm-8pm AND Sunday March 26th from 11am-2pm. Look for the balloons at the parking lot entrance, and tents set up in the parking lot. Pick-up has been designed to be non-contact. Please remain in your car. 
    All Prizes Must Be Picked Up Within 30 Days from the Event

  5. Keep Track of Your Tickets at: My Info:  Your basket and raffle numbers are tracked here.

Please Note: You must be 21+ to bid on all baskets containing alcohol.  Proof of age must be shown at pick-up. You must be 18+ to bid on lottery boards.  Proof of age must be shown at pick-up. 

Gambling Problem?  Call the free hotline - 800-GAMBLER - gives disordered gamblers and their loved one's confidential assistance 24/7. 

Ticket Prices and Basket Breakdowns

Ticket prices are per basket; therefore, ticket discounts only apply per basket.
Once a ticket has been "dropped", it cannot be removed. 

Tricky Tray Tickets Tier 1:

1 for $1 per basket

5 for $3 per basket

10 for $5 per basket

Tier 1 baskets are valued between $50 - $149

There are 128 baskets. Basket #'s range from 1-128


Tricky Tray Tickets Tier 2:

1 for $5 per basket

5 for $20 per basket

Tier 2 baskets are valued between $150 - $249

There are 16 baskets. Basket #'s range from 201-216


Tricky Tray Tickets Tier 3:

1 for $10 per basket

Tier 3 baskets are valued at $250 and up

There are 4 baskets. Basket #'s range from 301-304


Tricky Tray Tickets Tier 4

$20 each

There are 3 Vacations! 

Baskets #'s range from 401-403

Thank You to Our Donors!

23 South

A Taco Affair

Amy Wiwi

Angelina's Trattoria

Ann's Nails

Anthony and Sons

Arthurs Tavern

Ashley Farms

Asian Express

Bob Attinello

Barbara Komoroski

Barka Mediterranean Cuisine

Bergelt Opticians

Biladi Grill

Blossom Asian Bistro

Blue Moon Express

Bob Attinello

Brie DeFilippis

Broadway Floral

Business/Company Name

Buy-Rite of Flanders

C&G Consulting

Café Metro

California Beach Hut

Cambridge Street

Capital Grille

Carolyn Bardach

Casa D Pizza

Cathy D's Hair Design

Cathy Melcher

Central Taqueria

Chester Country Furnishings


Chuck & Colleen Bewalder

Church Street Bagels

Circle Lanes

Committed Pig

Conroy's Florist and Tuxedo

Corner Bistro


Cracker Barrel

Dawn Gabriel

Delizia Pizza Kitchen

Denville Dairy

Denville Seafood

Du Jour Café

Eclipz Salon

El Mexicano Tex-Mex Grill

Enjou Chocolat

Flanders Valley Golf Course


Forte Ristorante

Game Vault 

Greece Lightening Gyro &
Souvlaki Grill

Guerriero Gelato and Cakes

Hunan Taste


Jazzercise of Randolph

Jeryl Crema and Family and Friends

La Cucina

Linda Franks Salon & Spa

LeFrois Family

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

Lovey's Pizza

Lure Lash

Lynne Acla

Mary Gangemi

Mary Jane and James McCarthy

Massage Heights Morristown

Mayo Performing Arts Center

Middlemist Lane

Midnight Owl

Miller's Ale House

Mindy Turner

Mintea Sushi Asian Bistro

Mo'Pweeze Bakery

Myosotis Art Studio

Nautilus Diner



New York Pizza and Italian Restaurant

NJ Battle Zones

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Objects of Desire


Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse

Papermill Playhouse

Pasta Shoppe

Pet Supplies Plus

Pink Pear

Playa Bowls

Pro Haircutters

Prospect Tavern

Pub 447

Pub 517

Red Lobster

Red Robin

Refresh Nail & Spa

Robert and Joanne Heyert


Roxbury Diner

Sanjay Mohan

Season's 52

Seidner Dentistry & Associates

Sheryl Kipnis and Steven King

Shoe and Sneaker Barn

Shoprite of Morristown

South and Pine

Stirling Tavern

Stitch Boutique

Stone Water Restaurant

StretchLab (Denville & Morristown)

Suburban Shoes

Sugar Rush

Takuma Japanese Restaurant

Team Renzo Gracie

Thatcher McGhee's

The Arrangement Salon and Day Spa

The Blue Pearl

The Ottoson Family

The Plaza Café and Diner

The Urban Muse

The Whistling Elk

The Wren + The Raven

The Yellow Orchard

Tons of Toys

Tony's Jewelers

Top Style Nail Salon

Trattoria Di Nicco

Verona Restaurant

Vibrance Skin Rejuvenation Med Spa

Vidya Mohan


Whole Foods

Winky's Pet Boutique


Woodam Korean BBQ

Write on Gifts

A Special Thanks to Our Committee

The Friends Fundraising committee of JBWS was founded in 2009.  The committee is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to JBWS' mission and support the services we provide to women, men, and children who are victims of domestic violence.  These dedicated individuals have raised over $350,000 since 2009 by sponsoring various fundraising events.  They are community-minded events purposefully planned and priced so many people can attend and participate in the fun.  Attendees also learn about the important work and critical services that JBWS provides, all while helping to raise much-needed funds for the agency.  These events, include tricky trays, clothing drives, and shopping events.

In addition to the countless hours these volunteers spend planning and organizing these fundraisers, many of the Friends Fundraising members continue to volunteer at the agency in different capacities and have done so for many years.  They are former members of our Board of Directors, helpline volunteers, children's program volunteers, administrative volunteers, and volunteers who help out with our holiday project.  This committee has wonderful commitment, dedication, and passion towards helping women and their children as they begin their new life, self-sufficient and free from domestic violence. 

2023 Committee Members 

Lynne Acla - Carolyn Bardach - Colleen Bewalder - Jeryl Crema - Dawn Gabriel - Mary Gangemi  

Barbara Komoroski - Helen LeFrois - Mary Jane McCarthy - James McCarthy 

 Vidya Mohan - Melinda Stone - Mindy Turner

Donate Now

Help our cause by contributing to our fundraising efforts.

No act of generosity is too small to make a difference.

Hosted By Friends of JBWS

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

Tricky Tray for Hope

Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

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