Dear Brookview Family and Friends,

Once you are a member of the Brookview family, you remain one forever.

This has never been so evident as in the past two years when your support was so forthcoming.

Whether it be our families who joined this year or our families who have been part of this community for the past decade, or the families who have been part of our 45-year history, you all strengthen the bond of this diverse and international community.

During the 2019-20 School Year, our families helped us secure a Fiber Optic system that gives us 100 times greater speed of internet than we had before. And last year, when the pandemic caused our enrollment to drop significantly, families helped us raise a record $95,000 to address a growing deficit. Those funds along with our virtual auction and PPP loans from the federal government allowed us to not only survive the pandemic but to rebound to a favorable fiscal status. We thank you!

Our enrollment is now at 137 which is the highest in many years. It is time to look toward the future and continue to build on excellence, inside and out.

Imagine the Great Room enhanced with windows to allow light to stream in when needed and alternatively to have an opaque screen to darken the space for theatrical and media presentations. This along with projection equipment and new lighting will inspire higher levels of performance and also provide a better space for gross motor activities.

Little imagination is needed to see how the incredible beauty of our outdoor spaces could be capitalized upon to maximize its influence as a core component of Montessori learning. Our entire property could be considered as an extension of the engaging environment that our indoor spaces provide. With intentional design, the ravine, the trails, and the prairie could become all the more part of the Brookview experience.

We could also redesign the playground to spark self-directed, creative play that promotes social and emotional wellness and even look toward building a permanent structure for outdoor gatherings, community events, and agri-science instruction.

Our goal would not just be simply modernization, but to base the designs upon the developmental needs of students as well as communal needs. In Montessori philosophy, we call it the pedagogy of place.  It's all about the place and the learning that happens here as we elevate relevant and meaningful work.

We need funding to unfold a facilities plan that will allow us to renovate our Great Room and make our outdoor spaces more inviting to the children's imaginations. We need your help with our funding goals: $60,000 for Great Room renovations, $60,000 for extending learning to outdoor spaces, and $30,000 for our tuition assistance fund to make Montessori education available to those who cannot afford it.

Please consider a generous year-end contribution toward this vision. Donations can be made by simply dropping off a check in the enclosed envelope (snail-mail is fine too!) or visiting our GiveSmart platform at

Thank you for being a contributing member of the Brookview family. We are grateful for your kindness and consideration as we work together to build an even brighter future.

With best wishes and deepest thanks,


Larry Schanker, PhD
Executive Director
and the Brookview Fundraising Committee

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Brookview Montessori School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.