9am Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Suvrat Bhargave


10:30 Breakout Session ONE:
   Room A: Paul Cohen
   Room B: Christy Calbos - Special Education Attorney
   Room C: Advocates Panel - Donna Reynolds, Marianne Young, Brandi Tanner and Georgia Fruechtenicht

12:00 Breakout Session TWO:
   Room A: Pam Reid - Stress and Coping
   Room B: Erick Dannielle Smith and son - Dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia
   Room C: Alternative Therapies Pannel - Abby Huber, Greg Mulvany (ICTS), The Calvin Center, Katherine Cargile

1-2 LUNCH: Table topic TBA

------Half Day Session ENDS------

2:00 Breakout Session THREE:
   Room A: Dr. Fish (psychologist) and Natalie Kolhaus - Emotional Health
   Room B: Kim Whitnig Weinreb - Adult Transitions parent expert
   Room C: Self Care Panel - Dana Black (nutrition), Meera Sarin (meditation), TBD (mindfullness), Dr. Phil Crane (chiropractic care)

3:30 Breakout Session FOUR:
   Room A: Leah Robilotto - trauma
   Boom B: Dr. Broadhead - Fayette County school administrator, counselor and author
   Room C: Microsoft Expert - Assistive Techologies