About Karan Singh


Karan Singh is the COO of Headspace Health and Co-Founder of Ginger and we honor his commitment to mental healthcare access. Says Singh, "We live in incredibly stressful times. Many of us haven't learned how to thrive in this environment. We train our body, but neglect to train our minds. Now more than ever we need access to high quality, convenient and affordable mental and emotional support".

At Ginger, Karan leads the company's clinical operations and strategy. He has over 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry, consulting with bio-pharma clients, commercializing data analytics, and establishing research partnerships with academic medical centers. A leader in the digital health community, He is a frequent speaker about entrepreneurship, health innovation and new models of care. Karan shares our vision of creating a world where there are no obstacles to accessing mental healthcare and we are thrilled to introduce him at this gathering.