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- Extensive Tasting menu for 4 guests (10-12 courses/2-3 hours) at the ** Michelin star restaurant Blue Hill @ Stone Barns (Executive Chef and Founder, Dan Barber) in Tarrytown, NY.

- Including Explore: The Innovation Labs and The Farm, a two hour tour of the labs and property before the meal.

- Customized beverage pairings (including select wines) for the entire menu that evening.

- Kitchen tasting of experimental varieties that the chef's team is most excited to work with.

- A personal 'Meet & Greet' with the executive culinary team and kitchen tour.

- A signed copy of The Third Plate book by Dan Barber.

- A bag of goodies and surprises upon leaving the restaurant Blue Hill @ Stone Barns experience.

Facilitated by Peter H. Gistelinck