Presenting Sponsor

Deborah and Wayne Zuckerman
Andrew, David, Michael and Jacob


Founding Sponsor

Gladys Halpern
Sharon and David Halpern
Cheryl and Fred Halpern
MorAnn and Jack Halpern
Batsheva and Murray Halpern
and Families

Ruth and Steven Katz
Hillary Katz
Michelle and Jeffrey Rappaport
Stephanie and Ryan Abramow

Ann and Bernie Sklar
Jeffrey Sklar
Jennifer Sklar
Debbie and Neil Kaplan

Deborah and Wayne Zuckerman
Andrew, David, Michael and Jacob Zuckerman


Heritage Sponsor

Marina & Stephen Kaufman

The Oster Family Foundation


Legacy Sponsors

Stefany & Simon Bergson

LPZ Management: the Zuckerman, Pantirer and Feldman Families

Terri & Michael Goldberg and Family


Testimony Sponsors


Jerry and Robin Bergson and Family and Jaffa Feldman and Family

Deborah & Richard Born
Rita & Fred Distenfeld
and Families

Elyse & Howard Butnick

Ulrika & Joel Citron

Everett Foundation

Celina & Thomas Hecht and Family

Patti Askwith Kenner

George Klein and Family

Lee & Murray Kushner and Family

Rita Lerner and Family

Susan & Robert P. Morgenthau

Irving Paler and Family

Bruce C. Ratner

Minna & Mark Seitelman

Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Silverstein

David E. & Jacqueline S. Simon Charitable Foundation

Wilf Family