Where is 'A Night at the Races' 2022 happening?
There are by-invitation only Watch Parties happening around the RGV. You may choose to host your own Watch Party!   Go BIG with a Sponsorship and included Derby Packs or go as a "Friend of C.A.M.P." by watching the LIVE show only and participating in the auctions and other LIVE drawings.
(CLICK HERE to view Sponsorships)


What time should I arrive?
Doors open at 6PM at your host site.  Grab a drink and peruse our MANY auction items (auction closes at 9PM)!

What is the dress code?
"Festive Derby Attire" - somewhere between Casual and Cocktail. We STRONGLY recommend ladies to wear big Derby Hats or Fascinators and to enter your photo from the evening into our Hat Contest.  Do that by emailing the photo to [email protected] or by posting on Facebook.com/CampUniversity  You can also text 956-540-3711. Gentleman are definitely encouraged to wear Bow Ties, Bowlers, Boaters, Cabbie Caps, Top Hats, or Fedoras.  We are equal-opportunity, friends-of-the-festive.  Gents may also enter into our Hat Contest by following the same directions above.

What If I'm a Watch Party Host?
Hosts, prepare your technology by checking out our How to Host a Watch Party guide. 

Plan your day to PICK UP by 5PM your Derby Pack from S.A.L.T. New American Table at 210 N. Main St, McAllen, TX 78504.  WARM UP by 6PM your award-winning cuisine.  An oven and an hour are necessary to reheat your derby fare. 

Although S.A.L.T. will provide plastic take-away plates and cutlery, if you want to serve with higher grade tableware and flatware, please plan for that.  We have generous sponsors who have tucked in the the first round of drinks for your Watch Party, including them in your sponsorship.  Please be prepared to furnish beer, mixers and more rounds, accordingly.

Individual cocktail kits will match the number of guests included in your sponsorship.  That's a 10-Count for most sponsor levels.  Watch out!  Some of these have secret door prizes tucked in.  Don't toss out before checking it out!

Finally, think of the LIVE SHOW like the Super Bowl!  That means eat and drink from 6PM-7PM and then simmer down and attend to the show.  Chat and party after it has concluded, making sure to place final bets on auction items by 9PM.  At 9PM everything gets automatically closed out and the winning bidder is charged for the items in their cart.  Any instant-item purchases and donations will also be charged to the participants' card on file. 

How do I get the items I bought or won?

The Winners may pick up their items at C.A.M.P. University, starting Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 8:30AM.  It's a great way to see where your dollars work!  Come on over to 4200 N. Main Street, McAllen, TX 78504.  C.A.M.P. will communicate with non-local bidders regarding shipping charges.

The PRE-SHOW rolls from the center of the webpage at NATR22.GiveSmart.Com 

starting at 6:30PM followed by a prompt LIVE SHOW start at 7PM.


What if I don't want to host or join a Watch Party?

We welcome you to participate in other ways.  You may simply REGISTER for free on NATR22.GiveSmart.Com to buy instant items, bid on auction items, or make a straight-line donation during our paddle raiser.  You may also elect a Donation-Only Sponsorship, getting the promotional  recognition but opting-out of holding a Watch Party and opting-out of receiving the meal portion.  Finally, you can buy a Sponsorship with all the perks, but choose not to host a Watch Party. Some prior Sponsors have elected to buy their own sponsorships and combine their meal packs and party sites into a mutual location.  Just tell us what you'd like to do.  The point is to "Party with a Purpose!"


What is the LIVE show about?

The LIVE show is hosted by Emcee, Auctioneer, and former NFL Pro, Reggie Rivers of The Gala Team.  It will be co-hosted by various other characters from-or-who-love-C.A.M.P.  We will update you on our 2021-2022 progress, tell you our upcoming vision and where your donation dollars will most impact our students and mission.  We trust you'll be entertained en route!   

 Pre-Show is at 6:30PM     MAIN SHOW starts at 7PM    Show Ends by ~7:45PM  Auction Closes 9 PM


How long will it last?

Show time will be at or under 45 minutes.  We respect your patience equity!


How do I get my ticket?
We do not issue paper tickets or have seating at the informal Watch Parties.   We strongly encourage each person that wants to "play" to REGISTER on NATR22.GiveSmart.Com and fill out name, mobile phone, email and credit card. No one will be able to bid without a credit card on file (no false bidding nor running up the bids). 

Hit the "REGISTER" button on NATR22.GiveSmart.Com or  Text NATR22 to 76278 (SMART)


Can I bring a friend - no RSVP?
Please check on your plus-ones with your Watch Party host.  The Derby Fare furnished will sufficiently feed 10.  


What if I have food restrictions/allergies?
The meal will be family-style take-out featuring S.A.L.T. New American Table's speciality fried chicken, melty mac and cheese, jalapeno mashed potatoes, a side salad and dessert sampling.  Some sites may include sweet breads or charcuterie.  Please contact the Watch Party Host for your designated site to make arrangements.  If you are grouped in with a larger gathering, know that the catering may come from a different source.  Regardless, plan on it being a delight!


Will there be a bar?
Thanks to our generous sponsors, the beverages within the Derby Packs will include red and white wines+




How do I register?

 You've made it this far!  Complete all steps by pressing the REGISTER button on the home page of NATR22.GiveSmart.com or by sending a TEXT to 76278 saying NATR22.  Follow the steps that text you back.  If you have unwittingly registered before and don't know your username and password, click the upper right hand corner SIGN IN or REGISTER button in blue.  Click on "Forgot Username or Password?"   Follow the text prompts that will be sent to your mobile phone.


How do I broadcast the show?

Most people will need to connect their PC/Mac to their larger screen monitor or TV monitor via an HDMI cable.  If you have an Internet-capable TV you may simply browse to NATR22.GiveSmart.Com and wait on that page until the pre-show rolls at 6:30PM.  You might refresh the webpage to get the feed to play.  You can also just watch on your laptop or mobile device.

It is a BEST PRACTICE to watch on a computer or TV while at the same time using your mobile phone to bid and interact.


How do I bid?

Good news - C.A.M.P.'s auction will open early. Beginning April 25,2022, one week before 'A Night at the Races' 2022, you will be able to preview and bid online for all auction items by signing in at NATR22.GiveSmart.Com Mobile bidding is fun, easy and secure!  Simply sign in with the link above, or register at NATR22.GiveSmart.Com to get started. Once you've bid on an item, your smartphone will alert you if someone outbids you so you can bid again!  We hope you enjoy all our amazing items!


What if I forgot my username or password?

Browse to NATR22.GiveSmart.Com and click on "Forgot Username or Password?"

Follow the text prompts that will be sent to your mobile phone.


What if I accidentally purchased too many raffle tickets or placed an unintended bid?

During the party there will be a Tech Support number to call.  Stay tuned at NATR22.GiveSmart.Com

After the event is over, call Tiffany Miller during C.A.M.P. business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm at 956-800-5292

Who do I call to help me?

During the party there will be a Tech Support number broadcast.  Stay tuned at NATR22.GiveSmart.Com

After the event is over, call Tiffany Miller during C.A.M.P. business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm at 956-800-5292