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MSF Dakota HG069


Bred Heifer

DOB: 3/23/2020

SIRE: H P C A Early Bird 65

DAM: PA Blackcap M761-5406

63 $M, 163 $B, 274 $C, #1 $Profit

Due 1/16/22 to GAR Transcendent

MSF Zuma HG066


Bred Heifer

DOB: 3/14/2020

SIRE: H P C A Early Bird 65

DAM: MSF Zuma FG069

61 $M, 164 $B, 274 $C, #1 Udder

Due 3/4/22 to Ankonian Ernest

We decided to offer choice of our HPCA Early Bird 65 bred heifers who are the #1 and #2 $Profit heifers out of our entire 2020 calf crop! These two are super unique in their combination of elite carcass traits, low dry matter intake, and high Angus Indexes. HG069 is the only Angus animal in the breed who's over 1.15 for Marbling and Ribeye, below .30 DMI, and better than .40 Claw! She is excellent donor prospect! HG066 is very similar to HG069 but has more YW and more Marbling!

**We are retaining the right to one successful flush of 6 or more high quality embryos.


1. HG069

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3. Transcendent

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5. HG066

6. HG066 epds

7. Ernest

8. Ernest epds