2022 Shell It Out Participating Artists

Kimberly Balentine


Kim's aesthetic is inspired by travel to foreign coastlines and influenced by capturing memories. Expression, energy, color and movement are important aspects to her work. While she has primarily worked in acrylic paint, other mediums such as watercolor, soft pastel and charcoal are applied creating a greater range of subtlety. 

Debra Boyette / Raleigh NC Photographer


Debra Boyette is a North Carolina native who has enjoyed taking pictures since childhood. About 10

years ago she began to get serious about her hobby and is especially interested in nature and macro

photography. She finds subjects to capture while on walks with her husband as well as in her own

backyard in Raleigh.

Catherine Cotton / Dallas Texas



After falling in love with her college fashion illustration class, Catherine began to dabble in watercolor and hasn't stopped painting since! From Live Wedding Paintings, Custom Illustrations to Prints, her goal is to illustrate pieces of art that are personal, meaningful and beautiful for the ones you love most and the moments you never want to forget.

Renee Davis / Raleigh NC



Having worked in a corporate setting for many years, Renee found her creative outlet through painting. Her works are vibrant and fun ranging from coastal to abstract collections. She is passionate about using her creative gifts to bring beauty to others. Honeyluvdesign launched in 2020, named after her Grandmother Honeycutt who was a true inspiration to share your gifts with others. 

Erin Whitford Droese / Atlantic Beach


Born and raised in Eastern NC and spending 10+ years in Raleigh, NC, Erin has a deep appreciation and gratitude for this state. Erin's work is inspired by coastal North Carolina and you can often find coastal scenes, oyster shells, and inspiration from the slow-pace of life found at the coast. Erin's goal is to inject joy, creativity, and awe of the world around us into her work. 

Duffy Fleming / Goldsboro NC


Although the gift of painting runs in Duffy's family, it took her some time to pick up a paintbrush and fall in love with watercolors. Duffy says she paints because "God has provided me with a talent and it would be wasteful not to nurture and share it, don't you agree?"  She also raves comic relief, championing the local community and shelter cats.

Julia Fellers-Green / JuJu Green Art



Lilly Fisher / Junior Entry

Lilly has taken formal art classes since 3rd grade which have allowed her to develop her own personal style. She loves using a variety of colors and textures in her works. Lilly is a student at Cardinal Gibbons High School where she studies art and plays tennis and lacrosse. 

Nan Jones / Raleigh



Nan Jones creates art because it brings her joy. When she approaches a blank canvas, Nan lets her hands flow, starting with a limited color palette and working in more unexpected colors as she goes. Texture and layering are the cornerstones of her work. She doesn't shy away from large amounts of paint and loves to incorporate gestural marks, which adds interest and dimension.

Tommy Midyette



At a young age Tommy realized he had a talent for drawing and painting.  He earned a degree in graphic design, where he learned to compose  images that had the most impact on viewers. Tommy began portrait painting in 1987, and has expanded his work over the years. Tommy's work hangs in the Governor's Mansion, he's been juried in multiple art festivals and featured in both local and state-wide media.  

Kristen Patinka / Raleigh NC


Kathy Pretzer

Wendy Prior / Winston Salem


Wendy is a self taught artist and enjoys working in several mediums. Recently, the majority of her work has been watercolor and pen pet portraits and acrylic coastal works. She has been a featured artist in the Krispy Kreme calendar, the AHOC Wake Forest 2021 Financial Report cover artist and has given numerous works for many local charities. 

Kate Ragsdale / Junior Entry


Michelle Bradley Robertson / Rocky Mount NC 



Michelle  is an abstract impressionist artist from eastern NC with a passion for creating a welcoming home and a love of our charming southern landscapes. She paints with a unique traditional, yet eclectic style, and believes each piece should be timeless, tell a story, and spark joy. "I believe every home needs a splash of color. A little wonder and whimsy sprinkled here and there is timeless and makes a house a home."  

Meghan Rosenthal


Meghan expresses her creativity through unexpected bright color combinations and pops of different metallics, especially gold. Using soft and hard edges, Meghan seeks to create a natural flow of colorful shapes that fit together like a puzzle, drawing the viewer's eye across the canvas. Meghan's work is inspired by the colors of the North Carolina beaches and mountains, where she loves to vacation. 

Yvonne Snead / Pinehurst