Mike Pfefferle Memorial Basketball Tournament Rules

The following rules are intended to ensure fair play and a spirit of healthy competition for all participants. Honoring Mike, along with paying tribute to his life, and the sport he loved, is the ultimate goal of this event.


This year's event will feature both men's and women's competitions. The men will be divided into two 16 team divisions based on the total age level of each participating team. The women will be divided into two 8 team divisions also based on age. Each bracket will follow a winners'/consolation format with each team being guaranteed 2 games and that no team will have to play back-to-back games.

Length of Game

The first team to reach 30 points within a 25-minute time limit will be declared the winner. The clock will stop only if the referee, court monitor, or other tournament official stops play due to an injury or other unusual circumstance. In the event that no team has scored 25 points within the allotted time frame, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner. In the event the score is tied, each team member (4) will shoot a free throw and the team with the most made free throws will be declared the winner. This process will be repeated until a winner is determined.


A 2 point field goal is worth 2 points, a 3 point field goal is worth 3 points

     Shooting Fouls:

     - 2 free throws awarded for a foul in the act of shooting with 1 point awarded for each made free throw.
     - 3 free throws awarded for a foul in the act of shooting a 3 point shot with 1 point awarded for each made free throw.
     - The ball will be live after a missed free throw attempt and checked in after a make to the non-shooting team.
     - "And 1" Fouls: Basket counts with free throw attempt for an additional point.

Non-shooting fouls: Team fouled gets new possession, the ball must be checked. Upon the seventh team foul, the opponent will shoot a 1 on 1 free throw scenario. 


*** Flagrant or technical fouls result in an automatic two points to the opposing team, plus possession of the ball.


Teams will consist of four players that are registered by the tournament deadline.

Change of possession  

The possession is changed after every made basket or free throw. The ball will also change possession on any normal dead ball situation. After each made basket or dead ball possession change, the ball must be checked in by the opposing team. The inbounding team is able to either pass the ball or begin dribbling once the ball is checked (in other words the ball does not have to be passed to a teammate to initiate action).

Taking it back

The ball must be "taken back" on each possession regardless of whether a shot was attempted or failed to hit the rim. Failure to properly "take it back" will result in loss of possession and any points scored. The definition of "taking it back" means bring both feet and the ball behind the three-point line. 

Time outs

No time-outs will be allowed so as to keep all games started and ended together.

Player substitution

Player substitution is only allowed during a dead-ball situation.

Jump Ball

In a jump ball situation, possession will go to the defense. 

Initial Possession

A coin flip will determine which team gets the first possession.


Prizes will be awarded to the first, second-place team, and consolation bracket winners in each division.