1. Auction items are sold as is and are final - no exchanges or refunds, nor will the cash  value of any gift certificate be refunded.  

2. The expiration date for all auction items is October 7, 2022 unless otherwise specified. 

3. The majority of the gift certificates have restrictions that may include expiration dates,  blackout dates, limitations, etc. By bidding, you agree to the terms/restrictions listed for each of these items. 

4. All items must be picked up by the winning bidder from Mitchells, 670 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880 on Wednesday & Thursday, Oct 13 & 14 from 10:30-4:30 unless expressly arranged and agreed upon in advance with the Auction Committee.

5. Pink Aid shall not be responsible to the buyer if any item that involves a future date is cancelled, changed or postponed (particularly in light of COVID) or if a business donating a particular item is no longer in business before the buyer redeems or takes possession of the item. 

6. Unless otherwise specified, the dates and times for the use of an auction certificate will  be arranged at the mutual convenience of the donor and the buyer. 

7. By purchasing, the buyer waives any claim of liability against Pink Aid, Inc., Mitchells of  Westport, and the donor of the auction item.  

8. Neither Pink Aid, Inc., Mitchells, nor the donor of any item will be responsible for  personal injuries or damage of property that may result from the use of any auction item.  

9. Pink Aid has attempted to describe and catalog items as correctly and accurately as possible, but neither warrants nor represents and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, or condition of the items. 

10. Any and all applicable government taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the  buyer.  

11. For tax purposes, please consult with your tax professional for each item paid over its  fair market value. "Priceless" items are unique and are not typically sold; therefore, the  fair market value of such items is what the winner is willing to pay.  

12. A receipt stating the purchase price will be emailed and/or texted to all winning bidders.  


 Once bidding closes, bidders will receive a message for any items won from  GiveSmart.  

 Winners' credit cards will be charged and an electronic receipt will automatically be  messaged.

 Auction items and certificates can be picked up at Mitchells on Wednesday, October 13 and Thursday, October 14 from 10:30 AM- 4:30PM.

 To make other arrangements for picking up items, please contact us at or 

Any item(s) not be picked up by October 31, 2021 may be donated to another charity's event.



How To Browse & Bid On Silent Auction Items 

Use a mobile device (smartphone or iPad) or a computer to bid online. 

 You must register to bid.  Once registered, click the link in your welcome text message and you will be taken to your own personal bidding page.  

To Bid Via Smartphone: Click on an item you would like to bid on. The GiveSmart system  pre-populates with the next minimum bid so all you have to do is press BID. If you would  like to go higher just enter a new amount and press BID.  
o Auto Tab: To have the GiveSmart smart system automatically bid for you to a designated amount, please select the AUTO tab and enter a higher amount. The system will bid for you incrementally until your designated amount if someone bids against you. 

o Bid Via Text: To see the current bid on a specific item, reply to your welcome text and  simply text the 3 digit item number. Example: "102" then press send. Then, text the 3  digit item number again and the amount you would like to bid. No dollar signs ($)  needed. Example: "102 300" then press send. You placed a $300 bid on item number  102.  

o Donate Now: Simply click the donate button "$" on your smartphone and enter an  amount or text "Give" and amount.  Text "Give 100" to donate $100 


 Please email our Auction Platform chair, Jen Gardner, at