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Donors Honoring a Sylvania Franciscan

Father Tony Gallagher honors Sr. Sharon Havelak, Sr. Eileen M. Ripsin, Sr. M. Fidelis Rubbo, & Sr. M. Rosine Sobczak

Anne Shuff honoring Sr. Pat Taube

Joanne Rinaldi honoring Sr. Maria Goretti Sodd

Nancy Flowers honoring Sr. M. Aloise Paluszak

Mary Lehman honoring Sr. Fidelis Rubbo

Annette Warpeha-Adams honoring Sr. Eileen Marie Ripsin

Diane Sullivan honoring Sr. Theresa Darga

Gloria Renda honors Sr. Magdala Davlin and Sr. Sandra Rutkowski

Rosalyn Emon honoring Sr. Ann Marie Emon

Peggy and Tom Gabrik honoring Sr. Mary Ann Grzeskowiak

Alex and Evie Biggie honoring Sr. Claudia Bronsing

Beatrice and David Wolfe honoring Sr. Roselynn Humbert

Patricia and Oland Cole honors Sr. M. Beatrice Dombek and Sr. Petronella Dombek

Aimee and Lou Szabo honoring Sr. Maria Pacelli Spino

Alice Roberts honoring Sr. M. Janeen Sobczak

Carole and George Shirk honoring Sr. Ann Carmen Barone

Veronica and Ron Zak honoring Sr. Rebecca Rutkowski

Claire Furman honoring Sr. Eleanore Furman

A Nun's Life Ministry honors Sr. Shannon Schrein and Sr. Julie Myers

Estelle Biesiadecki honors Sr. Kathleen Ottrock, Sr. Dorothy Jayne Krupp and Sr. Rosalma Kmiec

Shirley & Ken Macauley honoring Sr. Theresa Darga

Rev. Thomas R. Hartle, OFM honors all Sylvania Franciscans

Susan and John McVicker honors Sr. Gwendolin Koniar and Sr. Myra Ciesielski

Lorraine Caserta honoring Sr. M. Roselynn Humbert

Susan Deiger honors Sr. Felicitas Magon and Sr. Michaelinda Szwast

Caroline Bukovics and Caroline Miller honoring Sr. Maria Goretti Sodd

Jean and Ken Ehling honoring Sr. M. Antonelle Slostech

James Ferguson, Sr. honoring Sr. Nancy Ferguson

Traci Kessler - Nativity BVM Catholic School honoring Sr. Mary Jo Mike

Don Arend honoring Sr. Carol Ann Grace

Kathie Pasquarella honors Sr. Patricia Simpson, Sr. M. Patrick Gillen, Sr. Pauline Herbert, Sr. Dorothy Sienko, 

and Sr. Alice Warrick

John Hufnagle honoring Sr. Mary Jon Wagner

Teresa Aldahondo honoring Sr. Joan Jurski

Jerome E. Webster, PhD honors Sr. Jeanine Sokolowski, Sr. Ritamary Pyzick, Sr. Sharon Derivan and Sr. Mary Jon Wagner

Carol and Hank Mrozek honors Sr. Maria Goretti Sodd, Sr. Geraldine Nowak and Sr. Magdala Davlin

Kathleen and Richard Faist honoring Sr. Karen Zielinski

Ted and Renee Lammers honoring Sr. Cecile Glodek

Ann and Bill Waters honoring Sr. Rachel Nijakowski

Joseph Cummins honoring Sr. Patricia Taube

Ann Snyder honors Sr. Shannon Schrein and Sr. Irenaeus Samsel

Dr. and Mrs. Rocco Ciccone & Family honoring Sr. Theresa Darga

Thomas Kurzawa honors Sr. M. Florian O'Shesky and Sr. M. Jerome Zajac

Rev. Terence J. Hamilton honoring Sr. Kateri Theriault

Carol Hill honoring Sr. M. Alaloque Skoney







Donors Honoring a Sylvania Franciscan (Continued)

Rosanna and Larry King honoring Sr. M. Helen Frances Spears

Leona and Thomas Brown honoring Sr. Faith Cosky

Spino Family honoring Sr. Maria Pacelli Spino

Kayleen and Steve Hoover honoring Sr. Judy Beaudry

Mamie and Charlie Yeagle honoring Sr. Carol Ann Grace

St. Hedwig's Class of 1961 honoring Sr. Rosalma Kmiec

Cathy Petretich and Barry Lowe honoring Sr. Gretchen Faerber

Pat and Ron Pigott honoring Sr. Rosemarie Fredericks

Sylvania Franciscans

Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania Ohio
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Sylvania, OH, USA

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