Jay Lenzi - Building Family Ties 2022

Each year between Mother's Day and Father's Day, C2Adopt has its Building Family Ties campaign.  The campaign is 2-fold-raise money and promote awareness of the numerous services that C2Adopt offers, most free of charge.  This time also allows us to highlight children in foster care that are searching for a forever family as well as emphasize the agency's support of anyone involved in adoption-adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents.  


C2Adopt is a wonderful lifetime adoption resource that offers assistance from infant/waiting child adoption to post adoption aid as well as search and reunion services.  This agency is an integral part of supplementing the overwhelmed public Child Welfare system.


Will you please consider joining C2Adopt's mission of supporting the lifetime journey?  Below are a couple of examples of how C2Adopt has helped people along the adoption journey.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the services that C2Adopt offers, please feel free to contact me or refer to http://www.c2adopt.com/Services.html .


I appreciate your support.


Spencer: I came into foster care when I was only 4 with my younger brother. We were homeless after our house burned down and our mother couldn't care for us. She never managed to get a job or a place to live and she eventually died. My brother and I moved from foster home to foster home. We never stayed in the same place long. I always felt like I was blamed for everything, especially when one of our foster homes decided to adopt my brother but not me. I barely got to see him when we were split up and I continued to move around. When my C2Adopt recruiter was assigned, she would spend a lot of time with me working on my life book and talking about my birth family. She even got me in contact with some of them and helped me to get visits back with my brother. After 10 years of being a "foster kid", she also helped me find my forever family. Now, not only do I still have my younger brother, but I got a new sister and another younger brother!

Ava: Moving day is around the corner for me. I met my new parents at a match event that was organized by C2Adopt. There were video games for a bunch of kids looking for parents and potential adoptive parents to come together and play. I don't like video games that much and I was nervous. So my C2Adopt worker set up a card game for me and a few other adults. That's how I met my new parents! I'm still learning how to know my triggers and how to think before I act. My new parents understand that. I like them the most because they are honest and keep it real with me. I move in on April 17th after Spring Break. I can't wait!

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