Building Family Ties - Fonda Lang

Anyone who knows me, knows how meaningful adoption has been in my life. My daughter, Natalie, who was adopted from China at the of age 15 months; and my son, Trevor, who was adopted from South Korea at 10 months old, are precious blessings and our world revolves around them!   Each time I look at the pictures of our first meetings, the magical and emotional feelings rushes back to me - like it was just yesterday.

Natalie is now 16 and a very independent and athletic young lady and loves baking and playing soccer.  Trevor is 13 and is your typical fun-loving boy who is always active with sports, playing video games, and loves making us laugh.  Just like other families, we have the typical struggles with teenagers and pre-teens with frustrations with schoolwork and chores. However, we also parenting children who have suffered a loss early in life, that they had no control over.   This is something that they will have to navigate their entire lives, and as their parents, we are here to support and comfort them.  I am so grateful for the support and training offered through our adoption agencies.

I consider those at our adoption agencies to be teachers, mentors, confidants, therapists, and friends. The adoption agency workers were the first people to connect us to our new family and taught us the importance of the special nuances of parenting children who have suffered a loss.  Many times we have used the lessons learned in our adoptive parenting class to approach sensitive issues such as loss and identity.

So I know first-hand what adoption agencies can do and the difference they can make in lives. That is why I chose to serve on the Board of the non-profit agency C2Adopt.  They not only place adoptive and foster children but also provide on-going counseling to the families??and they need help today. The cost to place one foster child with a family for adoption is $6,000. 

At this time between Mother's Day and Father's Day, I ask that you please consider making a financial contribution to C2Adopt. No gift is too small, and together we can fulfill a child's dream and make a family.

Thank you for considering a donation to support C2 Adopt!




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