Jeannie Alcott Building Family Ties

Did you know that there are over 1,900 children in Virginia's foster care system who desperately need a family?  That is a significant increase over the past year. More children are coming into foster care and the system is struggling to find permanent families for those who cannot return to birth family.

C2Adopt is a non-profit agency offering education, placement and support services to the children in foster care and to anyone whose life has been touched by adoption. With all of us feeling the stress of the covid-19 pandemic, my heart aches as I think of the children who have no parents to listen to their fears, hug them and tell them it's going to be okay. How scare they must be waiting for an adoptive or foster care home.  

C2Adopt has supported me and my family for many years and now, I'm working to support them by serving on the Board and by helping to raise much-needed funds.  This may not be an ideal time for a fundraiser but we must continue our efforts to find homes for these children.  A Pandemic doesn't stop the need??it only heightens it.

Our 'Building Family Ties' campaign begins now -- the day before Mother's Day, which for some people is recognized as Birth Mother's Day -- and runs through Father's Day.

Would you consider making a financial contribution to C2Adopt? No gift is too small, and with your help we can fulfill a child's dream of having a family. 


With much gratitude, Jeannie

Deborah Roberts
Christopher Keith
Jeannie Alcott