Nichole Labott Building Family Ties

We just celebrated our 8th year as a full and completely formed family. 

Our road to this end included infertility, a very steep uphill learning curve on all the side effects of trauma and neglect in young children, navigating the best place to find resources in our community for the three of us, but most of all lots of very specific and focused prayer. None of this was easy, it never felt natural and quite candidly left us feeling insecure for much of the process.  Here is what I wish someone had told me back in April of 2014.   

After finalization and after they get through the first year of always thinking something will blow up, you'll never feel more loved by a child. 

  • Don't compare your child to others, maturity and overcoming trauma takes time-especially when your start was so crummy.  Don't blink because before long she'll be outpacing her peers and teaching you new things and helping you mature in perspective.    
  • Children in foster care are hugely resilient; they are adaptable and those traits inherently set them up to be successful. They have unusually good coping skills.  Most of us don't know what determination really means but when you spend your early childhood seeking out parents and a family unit-determination is inherent in everything they do. 
  • Don't be shy about asking for help.  There are organizations like C2Adopt that know firsthand the challenges that families will face.  There's no manual for adopting from foster care but if there was one, they would have written it. 
  • It's completely and exponentially worth all the hard work.  Most of all -have Faith-we did (literally that's her name) and are so richly rewarded for it.

We're so grateful to C2Adopt for their support and knowledge but most of all their untapped resources should we ever need it.  Being a C2 family means we can rely on them always.  More importantly their resources are lifelong; there's no expiration date on that deliverable.  Like most families we never know what challenges our kids might have but aren't we fortunate to have a team of resources to navigate those roads together.  Please consider making a donation to C2Adopt and give another family the peace and encouragement they need for a successful adoption journey.   

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