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Mother's Day and Father's Day are times when our children remember us, and we remember our parents.  But children in foster care remember they don't have a mom or a dad. In Virginia there are 1,998 children with the goal of being adopted in 2022.   Forty eight percent of these children are over the age of 13.  Most of you know my story of adopting a 10-year-old and the joy and love she brings to my life.  Adoption is a journey with ups and downs and the adoption agency and counselors are a big part of the success.  But adoption can be expensive and continuing counseling is almost always needed. C2Adopt's goal is to help foster children find adoptive Mom's and Dad's at a cost they can manage.   With the help of fundraisers like this one, they are able to keep the cost as low as possible to help foster children find families.  Here are some of the current agency costs:

  • $6,000 to work with a child from foster care to placement in an adoptive family
  • $6,600 to work with potential adoptive families from application through placement
  • $300 for one session of an Adopt Parent's Support
  • $300 for a child to receive Lifebook work to help prepare for moving into a permanent adoptive
  • $125 for a clinical hour with one of the social workers


While Adoptive families cover part of these costs, many are provided as free services by the agency. Your donations support and help continue ongoing work.  All children, regardless of age, deserve an opportunity for a family and a mom or dad to celebrate Mother's Day and/or Father's Day with forever.  Please make a contribution to help continue the work of this amazing agency and its staff.  

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