Kyle Fuschetti

Friends and Family -

This is now the sixth year that I'm reaching out to you to ask for your support of C2 Adopt's Building Family Ties campaign.  Collectively, since 2016, our small group here has raised over $20,000 for children in the Virginia foster care system which is incredible!

This year I thought I'd share with you some facts about why the work C2 Adopt does is so critical to helping kids in need:

       Over 4,800 kids are in the foster care system in the state of Virginia

       1 out of every 2 kids is 13 years or older

       1 out of every 5 kids will age out of the system at age 18

       20% of teens who age out of the foster care system become instantly homeless

       70% of young women who age out of the foster care system become pregnant before 21

To learn more about what C2 does every day, please click HERE.  Click the button below to meet some real kids who C2 Adopt is striving to help:

Shineek & Amanda

Your generosity means the world to me, as do all of the phone calls to ask about C2 or inquire about the process of becoming foster parents.  Keep 'em coming -

Thanks again!



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