Joe Caliva - Event Host 


Joe Caliva, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area native, is an interdisciplinary artist, who credits music as his "gateway drug" through which his lifetime love of all the arts began. A multi-instrumentalist from an early age, playing organ, piano, guitar, trombone, and percussion by the age of 16, Joe settled on studying trombone when accepted into the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, but after his freshman year switched his major to Classical Composition and Music Education. During his time at University of the Arts, Joe was first exposed to multiple art disciplines through collaborative projects and interdisciplinary course offerings, primarily in the literary, visual, and performing arts, all of which planted the seeds which would later grow into more substantial pursuits. Spending most of his career as a teacher and performer in the music industry, Joe later added photography, videography, graphic design, drawing, writing, theatre, and now painting to his list of creative outlets. Also interested in the Liberal Arts and Humanities, Joe also enjoys regularly studying philosophy, languages, and science. He recently became a Docent at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, adding another outlet through which he can continue to teach and share his passion for the arts.