Watch our videos from the 2021 Barkfest & Rover Romp


Day 7: Tune in to the last 5 dog training tips from Jan Magnuson from SunStar Dog Training!

Day 6: A sneak peek from Tracy Taylor and tune in to what Rainier Agility Team has in store for us this weekend!


Day 5: German Shepherd Search Dogs of Washington State gives us a sneak peek of their demonstration, which will be taking place at our in-person event on Saturday, August 28! 



Day 4 : Take a private tour of our AVHS Animal Shelter, NW Spay & Neuter Center, and our thrift store!


Day 3: Tune in to part 1 of our top 10 dog training tips and tricks, provided by Jan with SunStar Dog Training!

Tune in to part 2 on Friday to see the other 5 tips!


Day 2: Tune-in to our special message from Philanthropy Coordinator, Brian Saraceno-Oliveri! 


Tune in to our kick-off video!