Pork Chop was without a home and scared when we found him. He had a swollen eye and broken teeth. Shortly after we brought him to the safety of our shelter, our Veterinary staff found bullet fragments dangerously close to his left eye socket. Unfortunately, the staff was unable to remove it at the time, so our goal was to make sure he was comfortable and safe. After fixing Pork Chop's chomps, we were able to provide much needed resources to explore eye surgery. Our fear was that the bullet fragments were going to affect his vision, but he is seeing clearly now and has a bright future ahead of him!

Auburn Valley Humane Society did not give up on Pork Chop. YOU did not give up on Pork Chop. Because of your support, our staff could provide extraordinary medical and dental care for this animal, just like all the animals before and many more to come.  

We host our annual Barkfest & Rover Romp so that we, as a community, can continue giving animals the chance to live happy, healthy, and safe lives.