Artist:  Kylie Tarburton


Digital Photography





My name is Kylie Tarburton and while I'm originally from New England, I've lived in York for the last 18 years. After attending York Country Day School, I ventured to Arcadia University to receive a degree in Media and Communications. It was through my childhood where I learned to love photography and through my education where I learned how to turn this passion into a career.


Artist Statement:

Every time I use my camera; my goal is to push my own creative mind. How can I better myself? How can I make one moment, one second, that much more interesting? A photograph is a snapshot that speaks volumes. It evokes emotions but especially memories. I spend hours looking through my images understanding what they mean to me first before I look to other people for their opinions.

I make a lot of work for my own joy. But there are many times that my joy comes from others enjoying my photographs. For me, it is important that I stay true to myself and the standards I have built up for my images. So, while I don't focus on one particular style of photography, I'm okay with that. Some images are simple, understated landscapes, others are complex staged photos that tell a story. Overall, my work is about the joy that the process of photography brings me.