Artist:  Sam Halterman

"Even as we grieved, we grew"

Acrylic, Gouache

14" x 18"



Artist Bio:

My name is Sam Halterman, I graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Illustration from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2017. I primarily work in graphite, acrylic gouache, and digital mediums, but I also enjoy working in other mediums as I like to experiment and try new things to keep my creative muscles growing. I love anything botanical and whimsical, most especially mushrooms, and I try to include them in every single piece I create!

"Even as we grieved, we grew" is a direct quote from Amanda Gorman's poem "The Hill We Climb". To me, this painting represents regrowth and reemergence. From death and grieving we can still grow and be full of light and love to those around us. I love using plants and specifically mushrooms in my work and felt that this theme of regrowth and healing collided perfectly with those.